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Ideas for new emoticons!


  • A Party Hat Emotion
  • A Scream Emotion
  • A Tom & Jerry Kids emotion
  • A Mickey Mouse emotion
  • The Club Nintendo Logo (Nintendo Party)
  • A Wii Console emotion (Nintendo Party)
  • A Wii Console logo emotion (Nintendo Party)
  • A "Rolling eyes" emotion
  • A Imhappyplz emotion
  • A bored emotion
  • A gun emotion lol violent
  • Fish emotion (fluffy the fish)
  • Microphone
  • Shadow emotion (a Penguin's shadow not Shadow the Hedgehog)
  • A broken heart emotion
  • A star Emoticon
  • A penguin Emoticon
  • A Club Penguin logo Emoticon that plays Club Penguin music.
  • A dance emoticon
  • A "ZZZ" emoticon so it looks like you're sleeping
  • A sick emoticon
  • A hungry emoticon
  • Bring back the skull emoticon!
  • A Card-Jitsu Emote
  • A person sticking his butt out emote
  • A clubpenguin Island emoticon
  • A red viking helmet emoticon
  • A twitching emoticon( Like your angry) A cute face emotion that mwa mwas could use
  • A hurting emoticon ( Your eyes are closed and it looks like your hurt like someone punched you in the stomach lol)
  • An evil emoticon
  • A member badge emoticon
  • A chicken emoticon!!!
  • 8-Bit Mario emoticon
  • A xbox 360 logo enoticon
  • A confused emoticon
  • A sleeping puffle emoticon
  • A facepalm emoticon
  • A you don't say emoticon
  • A troll emoticon
  • A laughing emoticon (animated)
  • a crying emote
  • A Beta Hat emothicon
  • A different music note (♫) which makes a longer fart noise than the original emoticon
  • A spongebob eothicon