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Theories about the penguin Director!


  • All penguins who have the director's cap will automatically become the director of the PSA. However, you also be a ninja, from the future, a member of the PSA and the EPF and aunt arctic's puffle.
  • The Director could possibly be a ninja because he is not shown
  • The Director might be the stage director.
  • The Director is actually trying to stop a disaster on club penguin and Is trying to to fix thing on CP. G knows it too so he is trying to stop the disaster too.
  • In the future they will show the Director's face and tell his/her real name.
  • The Director is leader of clubpenguin.
  • The Director will turn evil and reveal themselves and destroy the EPF.
  • The Director is Aunt Artic.
  • The Director is a spy.
  • The real director is Sensei. Aunt Artic is the fake one.
  • Too many squids got the dicector right.
  • That maybe the director COULD be two penguins which isn't canon but gets us thinking about who the other could be and whether I can add it to my section below.

Canon by Rainbow Puffles[edit]

Canon means sources from the thing we are making theories about. Here canon is cp proved facts.

The canon answer here is in italics prior to when I made this section, sensei and the director can not be the same due to sensei knowing marshal arts and the director never showing that knowlage unlike sensei. The squid one is highly inapropiate due to the fact that squids did not make cp and they don't play cp plus the miss spelling of Director.