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Theories about the penguin that appears in missions Dancing Penguin!

Dancing Penguin theories[edit]

  • Dancing Penguin has a brother named Lancing Penguin.
  • He also has a brother called Singing Penguin. He is a terrible singer in the TV Show "Antarctican Idol".
  • Dancing Penguin also has a sister called Prancing Penguin
  • Dancing Penguin has a brother called Glancing Penguin, who likes to take a look at things.
  • Dancing Penguin hangs out at the night club and he gives a background signed by him ( He has very bad handwriting!) and he sometimes hangs out at his igloo.
  • Dancing Penguin brother is Rookie
  • Dancing Penguin made a room called dancing penguins hut .
  • Dancing Penguin says Diddle he he did you dofjonjadjwhed in his spare time.
  • The Dancing Penguin is a spy.
  • There are the final boss at the Hollywood Party.