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Ideas for the game Dance Contest!

Dance Contest theories[edit]

  • There are even MORE songs!
  • Make your OWN SONGS(Level editor)
  • Non members will be able to play in multiplayer mode
  • Club Penguin game songs like the Bean Counters and Hydro Hopper might play there

New Songs[edit]

  • Disco Battle: On this stage Cadance is doing a dance contest with Questionmrk2 (her brother) and you have to dance to encourage her. In the backround you see Cadance and Questionmrk2 dancing. You can play this 2-player as well because then someone will help Questionmrk2 as well. (If your penguin is Questionmrk2 or Cadance then you will be IN the C vs. ?2 contest.) Also, there is a new note the space bar, that makes your penguin breakdance when used! If you are winning then Cadance should be doing the disco,(or breakdancing if you were a second ago) if you are losing then Cadance will keep falling down, and if your doing moderate then Cadance will be in Card-Jitsu sta
  • Ben 10: On this stage, Ben from Ben 10, Ben 10: Alien Force, and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien is standing next to you. When the song starts, Ben turns into Heatblast. He blast fireballs that make noise for the song. You have to keep up. If a fireball hits you, you lose a life. He then turns into Wildmutt and growls. You have to keep up with the growling. While you are, drool from Wildmutt will drip out of his mouth. If will turn into a lake and go to you. You have to back up to avoid it. Then he turns into Diamondhead. Avoid crystals and keep up with the chiming. Then XLR8. Jump when he runs to you and keep up with his running tune. Then he turns into his aliens in the same order he turned into them. When he turned into the aliens from the first show, Ben exits and the Ben 10: Alien Force Ben comes in. Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Ben comes in after that.
  • Komodo Dragon: A fast jungle song comes on. A Komodo Dragon appears, trying to make you lose a life.

  • Big showdown:While you are dancing Herbert and Klutzy appear and try to attack you. All your dance moves hit them
  • Literal Disco Battle: You are in a wrestling postition. A fast rhythm comes on that yells, "PUNCH PUNCH KICK KICK KICK PUNCH!" You have to get the arrows in place to do a move. Right is punch, down is kick, up is jump block, and left is sweep.