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Ideas for new Club Penguin games in the Nintendo DS.

Crabs Vs. Puffles! The Next Fight[edit]

As a sequel to 'Crabs Vs. Puffles! The History', The Next Fight is about the future of Clubpenguin. In the year 2030 Gary has created a puffle translating machine. When the puffle is about to say something a giant machine knocks a whole in the building and destroys the machine and the EPF base. Not to mention kidnapping Gary!!! You stand in shock and walk towards the puffle. You think for a second and decide to try to rebuild the machine. Before long the EPF are going up against the crabs with the help of every single puffle on Clubpenguin Island!!!

  • Fail: Crabs take over the world and it's up to Rockhopper to save us.
  • Win: Crabs are sent back to their island and are never seen on Clubpenguin Island again.

Crabs Vs. Puffles! The History[edit]

This game doesn't include any penguins, just crabs and puffles. The game is all about the great rivalry between puffles and crabs. You pick your puffle's color, its name, and its special move(like: speed, cooking, teaching, jumping, etc.). Then you enter the game and try to defend the puffle civilization from the evil crabs.

  • Win: Puffle Civilization survives, but years later are forced to spread out across the planet.
  • Fail: Crabs take over Puffle Island and sink it into the ocean!

Club Penguin Card-Jitsu DS[edit]

Play Card-Jitsu, Card-Jitsu Fire, Snow or Water (play snow or water Card-Jitsu by unlocking it with the game).

Famous Penguin Fight[edit]

All famous penguins fight. Pick your penguin and start!

Club Penguin Card Jitsu:Quest for the golden card[edit]

You Play as Yellow Penguin named Bean Where he finds a Blue Puffle that gives him Power cards And helps Him and other famous penguins on thier jounery through Club Penguin to find the Golden Card.Each Penguin Has a Puffle that Helps him/her. Heres a list.

Bean - Blue Puffle Rockhopper - Red Puffle Aunt Arctic- Pink Puffle

Club Penguin: EPF On Wheels[edit]

There is 24 missions on this. Each one involves wheels, hence the title. The 24th is where you lose your vehicles and have to find 'em.

Club Penguin: EPF Returns.[edit]

It is the sequel to the first game, and it introduces Herbert. 15 Missions with 40 side missions in total.

Club Penguin: Gift Shop Manager[edit]

It has the same storyline as a boutique-simulation game, where you buy clothes for your shop and help other penguins create outfits.

Club Penguin On The Go[edit]

Same thing as Club Penguin The Next Dimension, but on the DS. If you buy it without your penguin being on TND, then you are allowed to play EPF mini-games, and play normal club penguin without Card Jitsu Fire or Dance Contest. It also features 8 new Agent Missions, and 5 mini-missions.

Club Penguin: Puffle Society[edit]

This game features 25 minigames that all include puffles. The games include: racing contests, eating contests, skill contests and many more.

Club Penguin: PictoChat Edition[edit]

In this game, you can play Club Penguin using Wi-Fi and chat with other players using the DS with PictoChat pictures (or regular messaging if your penguin is in Standard Safe Chat) or without Wi-Fi you can play mini-games from EPF and chat with bots with over 3 million phrases with answers programmed into them!

  • Cheat: If you register for Club Penguin with this game, you can pick the colors Old Blue and Dark Black to make your penguin!
  • Clubpenguin ds
  • _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Club Penguin Puffle Secrets[edit]

You have to have Elite Penguin Force. You meet the Elite Puffles, although you've already met them. Gary invents a communicating device, and the Elite Puffles tell you one secret about their race. You get told many other secrets along the way. And then you meet Chill the White Puffle who can freeze anything solid and Boxer the Orange Puffle who has a box cart which comes in handy sometimes. In the end, you battle the Anti-Elite Puffles who have the opposite ability of their doppleganger.

Club Penguin: Elite Puffle Force[edit]

You are a blue puffle who has the puffle agency. The pink puffle is named Dot, the black puffle is named The Director, the green puffle is named Rookie, the red puffle is named Jet Pack Guy, the purple puffle is named Gary, and the other puffles are unidentified agents. You play missions on the EPF. On the way in your missions, you meet penguins who have special abilities.

Blast the Red Penguin can blast out of a cannon.

Bouncer the Blue Penguin can throw snowballs.

Flare the Black Penguin has a welding torch.

Loop the Pink Penguin can lasso anything.

Pop the Purple Penguin can trap anything in a bubble.

Flit the Green Penguin can fly up on his propellor cap and get stuff.

And Chirp the Yellow Penguin can send a flute soundwave to break anything.

Club Penguin: Beyond Space[edit]

This game is where you go onto Herbert's side and blast Club Penguin Island into space, knocking Jet Pack Guy and Rockhopper onto the Sun in the process.

This game releases in 3002.

Card Creamer[edit]

This game is like Card Jitsu, except all cards are power cards. The cards have a lot more elements. The attack is based on the element and picture. The arenas are element themed and based. The elements and cards are:

Fire: Meteor Puffle, Fire Clapper, Meteor, Firewave, Fire in the Hole

Water: Swim Rage, Water Wave, Water Ball, Flood, Waternado

Earth: Rockfall, Rockslide, Mountainer, Hiller

Air: Air Whirl, Breeze Backer, Windstorm, Tornado, Hurricane

Light: Lightning Burst, Light Surge, Electro City

Metal: Anviller, Metal Figure, Metal Trap, Ambush, Bear Trap

Dark: Cloud Swirler, Black Cloudicane, Black Clap, Blackbeam

Warp: Portal, Super Portal, Elite Portal, Warp Tearer

Plant: Vine Snap, Venus Flysnap, Beanstalkthere

Ice: Freeze, Avalanche, Super Chill

Wood: Splintwave, Wood Slap, Pipwood, Pinewood, Pinewood Derby

Club Penguin: Game Day DS![edit]

A port of Club Penguin: Game Day from the Wii to the DS. Includes new games, like Pizza Panic, where you try to beat the other team(s) at Pizzatron 3000. There are puffles added to help you and a free-play mode on Nintendo WiFi Internet Connetion, where you play like normal Club penguin, except with Game Day style play and Game Day graphics. You can also connect with your online account to upload coins and play with it on freeplay mode. You can also VS on Wifi internet connection AND multi-cart wireless.

Club Penguin: Quest for the Golden Puffle[edit]

The genre is action and adventure, and is only avabile for DS and Wii. You fight enemies ,and gain ranks. Boss villains include Herbert, Klutzy, Dark Penguin, Gus Clanky (the two villains from Spongebobrocks09's missions), Boris, and Pharoh Hotep! (the major villain).

  • Exclusive DS features: You can connect items to your CP account, you can play as Alaska or Yukon (whose abilities differ), you can find all the 20 hidden artifacts in each level, and you can discover hidden bonus levels!
  • Exclusive Wii features: Create a customized penguin, who you can change throughout missions, you can upload coins to your CP account, and you can play as hidden characters by gaining a certain number of stamps! Which leads me to the next exclusive feature; you have a stamp book! The stamp book saves all of your achievements, like defeating all the bosses in one hit, finding all the treasure in each level, and so on.

Club Penguin: The Rise of Herbert[edit]

In this DS game you play as Herbert and set out to destroy the EPF and rule Club Penguin. There are two endings.

Ending 1 (victory): Herbert does a victory dance with Klutzy then chops down all the buildings and trees in Club Penguin.

Ending 2 (loss): Herbert gets thrown into the sea.

Club Penguin Wiki: The Video Game[edit]

A DS game featured around the Club Penguin Wiki. You make a fake account, and you are given the administrator ability. You have to fight off vandals, remove spam, and block bad users before bedtime. Also, villains will get harder and harder as you play more as a practice for the worst user of them all; Editor X!

Puffle Tycoon[edit]

A DS game similar to Fish Tycoon. You have 100 puffles sitting in an igloo. You have to regularly feed them. As the days go by, your puffles get older. Your puffles can mate when they are old enough and bring new puffles to the world. You can name them, and you can sell them at the Pet Shop to earn more coins. The coins can also be uploaded onto your Club Penguin account.

Puffle Launch[edit]

Like the app version it's for the ds.

The sprites had been pixel and also a new level called Undercannon is an under water stage.

Each one goes to Box Dimenstion, Undercannon but Bonus is free (After beating the first level).

Box Dimenstion- Beat the crab with a single two combo. Or without going down to the clouds.

Undercannon- Free after beating it.

Club Penguin:PSA missions[edit]

This is a good idea and i know that some PSA missions are in Herbert's revenge but anyway all missions from the PSA are now in the DS game you will unlock awards and items for your penguin and also transfer your coins to your account! --Dave33333 November is the time of sipping hot coco that burns your mouth. (talk) 20:42, 26 November 2013 (UTC)