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Ideas for the game DJ3K!

DJ3K theories[edit]

  • If you just press random buttons really fast, you'll here, "i get scared SCARED grab a teddy bear YEAH but now i get scared when nobody's here WHAT WHAT" in the background
  • If you press the right buttons in order, you get an Omnitrix free item. 
  • Buy a limit of two CDs of each and modify one.
  • ShamWow Now should apear when you press a button!!! ShamWow Now is on youe tube and all the member's in Melt-bzca love it!!!And the button should be lime green!!! I would get on Club Penguin even more,and so would all of my friends!!!That would be really cool!!!
  • It has ALL the Dance Contest songs.
  • When you play with the Jungle CD click the button that says 3. The click on the fourth blue thing at the bottom.Then pick the first button with the pause and play button. You have cool music.
  • A glitch if you press 5 you will get a Komodo dragon with the penguins.