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Ideas for new Club Penguin Commercials on the TV!

Now cool in the cold is a cartoon NOT GOTTA HAVE A WINGMAN!

Series 7 Plush Toy Ad[edit]

  • Mwa Mwa Penguin: So cute! Holds Cawdence pwush. Owange Puffy unwocked. Bwack MP3000 to be adopted with.
  • News Reporter: Hey kids sitting on the couch watching Disney XD, such as this Mwa Mwa Penguin said on the following commercial, you can get several Series 7 Plush Toys from a Learning Express or Toys R Us near you. The plushes include DJ Cadence, a Hockey Player, a Wizard, and more. And the cool items you get to unlock include a Penguin Band Hoodie, Blue Sneakers, a Black MP3000 and for the first time, our cute cuddly friend Bucky the Orange Puffle has finally made it to the Treasure Book! Say hoo ray with me kids.
  • Kids watching the TV: Hoo ray{in very dull bored voice.}
  • News Reporter: And remember, they are available March 1 in the USA and April 18 in Canada. Now continue watching Jimmy Two Shoes!

Card-Jitsu Commercial[edit]

  • Sensei: Hello, future ninjas watching Disney Channel. Do you wish to challenge me? Of course you do, silly penguins.
  • Random Penguin Crowding Sensei (with 100 other penguins): But first...
  • Sensei: You must earn your black belt by playing Card-Jitsu on Club Penguin.
  • A sign pops up that says "Card-Jitsu: only at"

Famous Penguin Rap[edit]

Billybob: CP has a song for yaws. It's the Famous Penguin Rap. And it goes like this.

Gary: Gary is first with the 'ventions.

Aunt Arctic: I'm the newspaper reporter, Aunt Arctic, and in the newspaper we give many mentions.

Sensei: 1. Sensei is the third 2. He plays some Card-Jitsu, yeah 3. Yeah, it's Card-Jitsu!

Cadence and Dancing Penguin: Cadence and Dancing Penguin do the dance all around, yeah. Dance it!

Rookie and JP Guy: I'm Rookie. I'm Jetpack Guy. We are G's secret agents.

Franky: Penguin Band is in the house!

G Billy: We're 25 times louder then a mouse.

Stompin' Bob: With guitars and all the instruments.

Peter K: So rock out loud, all you gents!

Mystery Penguin Band Member: And ladies.

Director: I'm unidentified, and so will be the rest of this song until later.

Rockhopper: Arr! Me puffle and I say that we are out!

Water Mysteries[edit]

Guy:There has been many things mysterious in Club Penguin...

Robot Boss from Surprise Party '10 lowers glasses,smacks his forehead, and rises water.

Guy: Quite, as from the Water Party...

B&W scene from Water Party, zoom in to waterfall SPLURTING everywhere...

Guy: and as demonstrated form the Fire Volcano...

Scene with G and Sensei investigating low lava amounts and stopped Lava flow through vents...

Guy:What could this Mean?

Surprise Party Robot: Card- Jits...

Sensei slices screen to Club Penguin Logo screen.

Alternate Version

(the camera is slowly going on a flythrough of Club Penguin, and a mysterious voice starts to speak. Those with surround sound systems will notice that his voice is comming from behind them)

Mysterious Voice:Club Penguin holds alot of mysterious mysteries, such as-

(his voice cuts off and the camera zooms into the background, where a penguin is fishing)

Fishing penguin:Ohhhh, I got something!

Mysterious Voice:Ahem, such as what this penguin is about to catc-

(the fishing penguin reels in his line quickly, and a brown fish pops up from the hole and latches onto the penguin's beak, like a leech)


Mysterious Voice (surprised):Nevermind. But something truely mysterious WAS about to pop out from under the ice.

(the ice starts to crack, and Sensei leaps from the ice, surrounded by water ninjas.)

Mysterious Voice:Sensei has mastered the art of water, and now he calls his ninjas to follow him.

(very dramatic music starts to play as Sensei and the water ninjas are shown in slow motion, matrix-style)

Sensei (in slow motion): Come forth mah ninjas!

Surrounding penguins (at normal speed): YYYYYYAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sensei (in slow motion again) :Then logon to and become a ninja!

(it resumes to normal speed and Sensei and his ninjas land on the ice, surrounded by cheering penguins. The Club Penguin logo shows up in the middle of the screen, blocking the viewer's view of the scene)

(the club penguin logo dissappears, and the ice starts to crack)

One of the water ninjas:Oh dear.

(the ice shatters, dropping Sensei and the water ninjas back into the water, and they are dragged back up to the surface by rescue crews.)

Sensei:I can't belive I ever agreed to this commercial.

Club Penguin Wiki Commercial[edit]

  • Uberfuzzy:I am so soft. Pet my beard!

(some admins push him over)

  • Lord:Hey kids! Come check out the Club Penguin Wiki. The free editable encyclopedia for anyone of all ages!
  • Hat:Yeah. You get to edit pages, have your own user, and play with my bunny ears!
  • Sea:Umm. I have never seen you guys so happy and excited before. But it's my turn now!
  • R2:Don't forget about administrator abilities. If you do very well, you may become an admin. Just sayin'.
  • Tigernose:Bye! Goodnight! Don't let TurtleShroom's army bite! Just join right now!

The End(curtain closes)

Monster University (club penguin version)[edit]

Coming soon

Dubstep_4_Dayz' commercial[edit]

(Virtual Riot - Energy Drink playing in background)

•Text: HEY YOU!

•Text: Do YOU like CLUB PENGUIN?

•Text: Free IRC Chat

•Text: Helpful Staff

•Text: The free, editable encyclopedia about Club Penguin!




•Text: We are the free, editable encyclopedia about Club Penguin!

•Credits appear and play out

Halloween Party 2015 Commercial (Parody of Legend of Zelda Rap Commercial)[edit]

  • Meanwhile at the Ski Lodge
  • Penguin 1: Have you heard of this new robot mystery!
  • Penguin 2: Yeah I have heard!
  • Gary walks into Ski Lodge
  • G: Hello, you can help us if you want!
  • Penguin 1 and 2: We want to help!
  • G: You need this gear first!
  • G gives Penguin 1 and 2 gear and they put it on
  • Penguin 1 and 2: LET'S DO THIS!
  • Penguin 1 and 2: It's the Halloween Party and it's really rad! The robots from Herbert are pretty bad! Robots, Redbots, Bluebots, and Mascbots too. But with you're help we pull through! SWEET, AWESOME!
  • Feminine Voice: Only for PC, Rated E for Everyone
  • Text: Play at
  • Commercial ends