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Theories or ideas about the room Cave!

Cave theories[edit]

  • When the sea levels rise (due to global warming), the swimming pool water will raise and flood all of CP (and melt CP!!!)
  • One day the water underground will get so high that the windows burst and flood CP.
  • When miners discovered the Mine, they also discovered here. There were three holes in the wall, but it was a cold day so the water was frozen on the edges. Gary thought that to prevent a flood they needed to be properly sealed, so he put some windows on there. However, because of short notice, he didn't make them very strong and so they broke when the crab tapped it.
  • A Ray always shocks the glass every friday the 13th.


  • The Pool will change and the pool will be bigger and have a Hot tub,a waterslide and a Dance floor on part of the pool.