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Ideas for the game Cart Surfer!

Cart Surfer theories[edit]

  • Black puffles can play this game. They skateboard next to you and get in corners to turn you.
  • There are special carts.
  • There are more levels.
  • Orange puffles can ride in a wagon with you.

Special Carts[edit]

  • Flying Cart: This cart can fly.
  • Walk Through Walls Cart: This cart can walk through walls so you won't have to turn very much.

New Paths[edit]

  • Underground Adventure: You start off normal. Then, CP floods. You slip on the water and fall down a canyon. Land on the boulder to suceed. The boulder rolls in the water. Press left, up, right, and down to control the boulder. The boulder crashes and you fall onto an uncompleted bridge. Press the up button to jump over the missing planks. If you fail, you fall through where planks should be and crash into the water. You grab a jetpack and fly back up. When you get past that part, you see Herbert. He hurls boulders at you. Hit a boulder back at him and he will fall down. Then you are in a maze. If you fail to turn, the maze turns sideways and you roll back to the start. Then, you spin rapidly and uncontrollably. A paper falls into your cart. You stop spinning and go onto a weird looking bridge. You have to jump to the symbols the paper says in order to fall to the outside of the mine.
  • Haunted Level: Scary things happen in this level. You turn left or right when you don't want to. The tracks split into 2's.