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Ideas for new Card Jitsu Card features! Things in italic are things that already happened.

  • Coins For Change Card (10, Snow) - Snow Falls On Your Opponent, Then After Opponent Shakes Off Snow, A Shower Of Coins Falls Down On Opponent.
  • Skullface Card (13, Fire) - Fire Burns The Opponent To A Skeleton, Then The Skin Grows Back.
  • Coin Card (Red, fire, 10): player 1 gives player 2 a bag of coins. player 2 looks inside. coins fall out of the bag onto player 2's head. player 2 falls backwards. player 1 laughs.
  • Tom & Jerry Kids Card (Blue, snow, 9): A takes out bag of magic spells and uses one of them. pile of Droopy and Dripple shorts come (it stands behind B). B turns around. B gets scared and one of them zaps B. A laughs
  • Ice Fishing card (9,Water) A ice hole appears at opponent's feet, who falls inside. User laughs.
  • Hydro Hopper card (12,Water) User disappears. Water appears. The Hydro Hopper boat appears, and opponent avoids it. Then the user appears in an inner tube and jumps on opponent's head. The boat goes away, then water disappears and user comes back.
  • Smoothie Smash card (10,Fire) The table appears down the opponent, who tries to smash the fruit, but it gets faster and the opponent bounces off the table. User laughs.
  • DJ3K (9,Snow) User appears with the DJ3K, and two colossal speakers fall of the sky. Opponent gets scared, and user makes music and opponent gets blown away.
  • Astro Barrier ship card (9,Fire) An arcade falls of the sky, and the user starts playing. Then, the other side becomes the Astro Barrier game, including the ship. The ship fires some rockets, and the opponents tries to avoid them. The arcade disappears and the opponent falls.
  • Herbert Style Card - Herbert dancing (10 Snow)
  • Tusk Battle Card - Tusk appears and uses his earthquake (12 Snow)
  • Bag of Anything - Player pulls out a mysterious bag and pulls opponent out of the bag. Player drops opponent. (11 water)
  • HP Card (15, Fire) Hat Pop appears; she knocks down your opponent with her NINJA MOVEZ.
  • Explorer Card (12, Water) - Explorer 767 appears, and using his shovel he whacks the opponent away. When the opponent returns, Explorer smirks and waddles away. This card takes away the opponent's ability to choose a fire card for the next round.