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Ideas for Card-Jitsu! Things in italics have already happened. See also Ideas for Cards and Ideas for Arenas.


(Most of this, mine ideas.) Gal9 <3

  • Sensei will someday start teaching penguins how to be a sensei.
  • It is rumoured that Card Jitsu will become a Nintendo DS game, with new cards, special modes and a daily training.
  • We will be able to make our own version of Card Jitsu and train your own type of ninjas.
  • The fire, summer kickoff (under) water, and Holiday parties will be called the Fire, Water, and Snow Parties.
  • Club Penguin might hand out special codes at Disney World one day, allowing for penguins to get finished with an element. (if it's not out, it will say. The people can save the card and wait for an element to come out to use it.
  • The fire party will be in spring, the water party in summer, and the snow party is in winter, being the Holiday Party.
  • Card-Jitsu will get new elements. The new elements are Air, Wood, and Plants.
  • The Air Party will be in Fall, the Wood Party will be in Summer, and the Plant Party will be in Spring.
  • Card-Jitsu Puffle will be a puffle-fighting game to see who's puffle is better. It will come after the 5th Year Anniversary Party in 2010

*card jitsu will be a fire.

  • a game called card jitsu: the lost elements will come out. Along with fire, water, and snow, there will be air, earth, and lightning
  • The battle with Sensei is easier.

Card-Jitsu Elements[edit]

Card-Jitsu Shadow[edit]

  • Sensei teachs you to enter the Shadow Dojo and become a Shadow ninja
  • You can take your Black and Rainbow puffles with you.
  • Earn the Helmet of Shadows and fight Sensei(Or may even have a new enemy like Tusk from Card-Jutsu Snow).
  • Play with multiple players to earn more faster.
  • shadow will come sooon!!!!!!!!!!


  • You can take your Black and White puffles with you.
  • Show the Ninja Costume while wearing it. If you don't have one you can just wear the Ninja mask
  • Can play a tag team battle
  • If you play a certain tune on the Ninja Hideout gongs, you will get sucked in to the Dojo 2. The Dojo 2 is where you can play Card Jitsu and get ancient color belt like gold and silver. If you play enough battles while having the aqua belt, you become a samaurai then a Sensei.
  • There are more secret arenas.

Card-Jitsu Fire[edit]

  • One day, the lava flow will increase. It will melt the vent and start flowing to the island. Flares will start coming up on the main volcano (not in the Card-Jitsu Fire game, where the penguin waddles around), leading to a Fire Party.
  • You can take your black puffle with you soon.

Card-Jitsu Water[edit]

  • The Water Party 2010 is caused by the waterfall flooding the island, soon to lead up to Card-Jitsu Water.
  • Instead of the black puffle, pink puffles and blue puffles will represent Card-Jitsu Water
  • You can take your pink puffle and blue puffle and amulet in the game.
  • Around September, the waterfall will drown Club Penguin you have to collect both watery and fiery items (goes the same with snow (snowy and watery). G also invents a Weightmaker 3000. It requires 10-20 flippers. Penguins step on it and it will lift penguins up. The room mode is like the Ice Rink but bubbles come out of the flippers. The Weightmaker 4000 is in the 3rd level of Aqua Grabber for a limited time. You have to bump the machine onto the giant button and it distracts the squid(s) making it smaller.
  • At October, the waterfall will make big clouds of rain.
  • Here is how you play: You start in a bubble. You move around and bump people. When you're bumped, you lose energy. When 2 people bump each other at the same time, you start a round of Card-Jitsu.
  • 2nd theory of playing: It is kind of like Card-Jitsu Fire. When you lose you fall down the waterfall and end up in the Ninja Hideout. The inner ring is turned into a wheel

Card-Jitsu Snow[edit]

  • You can take your white puffle in the game.
  • If your a fire ninja and had a black puffle the black puffle can fire the evil snowmens.
  • It comes out Christmas Day, due to Santa discovering it.
  • There will be a big snowstorm leading up to it.
  • It has the same gameplay as Card-Jitsu Fire and Water. Here is how you play. You are in a sleigh pulled by reindeer. There are lots of stones. You start on one of the stones and pick a stone in the middle snow. You get to move that number of spaces, but you get to choose which way. If you land on somebody's stone or go past them, that person loses energy.

Card-Jitsu Air[edit]

  • You can take your red puffle into the game because it swishes when shot out of a cannon.
  • Here is how to enter the Air Dojo. You have to have something that has to do with the dark(Ors Even by hovering you mouse on a window,hidden door might appear. Examples: flashlight, ghost sheet, night vision goggles. Once you do, come to the curtain in the Ninja Hideout and say, "Hello, No, Yes" separately. It will take you to the Air Dojo. If your a Non-member, you can bring your miner's helmet
  • Here is how to play: You will be in a dark room with your object, some rope, and a sack. You have a circle of light coming from your object. When you see your opponent or your opponent sees you, the person that gets spotted gets to choose what type of battle they have. They choose a Card-Jitsu Battle, Sack Battle, Rope Battle, or a Sack and Rope Battle. There are 6 battles in each game. After 6 battles, the one who won the most wins.
  • Card-Jitsu Battle: Regular game of Card-Jitsu.
  • Sack Battle: Try to get your opponent in your sack first.
  • Rope Battle: Try to lasso your opponent's beak first.
  • Sack and Rope Battle: Use the rope to swing and try to swing the sack on your opponent first.
  • You can play 2 player, 3 player, 5 player, or 6 player.
  • Although some people don't think its gonna come out because threres no air symbol on the amulet. Same goes for puffle,sonic, and legendary

Card-Jitsu Puffle[edit]

  • The orange puffle disappears from the Club Penguin Puffle catalog. Everyone wonders why and wants it back. And then you see orange puffles bouncing around with a Sensei Shadow every 15 minutes. Then you see the Construction Drill & Hat are in the catalog and are for non-members and members. Everyone wonders why again and then orange puffles are back in the catalog if you click on the Red Puffle. Then orange puffles are back around everywhere and lots are seen walking into the Ninja Hideout to the Fire Dojo to the Water Dojo to the Snow Dojo to the Air Dojo and then you see a construction drill & hat on the ground and 2 chunks of wood. But there are more chunks of wood every day. After a while they are standing up and it's obvious there will be a new Card-Jitsu game. And then a sign is on the ground that looks like it's a blob of mixed paint. But then it becomes a picture of a rainbow puffle and it is placed on the small building. And then the door starts being built, and once the door is built penguins can walk in. And then it starts construction until May 2010 when the whole room is done.
  • In Card-Jitsu Puffle, it's just like Card-Jitsu but it's with puffles.
  • In the end you find the legendary golden puffle and challenge it to a battle. Of course, he wins 5 times and then the golden puffle gives up and your puffle wins. And your puffle gets a gold medal and you get to pick out one free puffle!

Card-Jitsu Legendary[edit]

  • In Card-Jitsu Legendary, you play with famous penguins. Sensei gives you your starter card, which is Aunt Arctic. You fight other famous penguins. Once you've mastered enough fighting, Sensei gives you your next card, which is Rockhopper. You keep fighting penguins. By the way, when you're fighting a penguin, you fight on a background depending on which penguin it is. Examples: Aunt Arctic: Her igloo Rockhopper: Migrator Gary: His lab
  • Here is the order of the famous penguins you get. Aunt Arctic, Rookie, Rockhopper, JP Guy, Gary, Agent Dot, Penguin Band, Director, Sensei.
  • Rookie: Blank igloo JP Guy: The sky Agent Dot: Background changes
  • Penguin Band: Dance Club Director: On computer Sensei: Background starts out at the Dojo, but then it fades to the Dojo Courtyard, where the stone puffles move around everywhere. It starts to get confusing. Then you guys zoom into the Ninja Hideout. The Ninja Hideout spins and a black puffle on fire zooms all around. Then it gets really confusing. Then you spin real quick and you are in the Fire Dojo. The floor flips around really fast and it gets really confusing.
  • Card- Jitsu Legendary Secret 1: When fighting Aunt Arctic, click on the typewriter in the background. You will get to type strategies down and they will get published in the Club Penguin Times.
  • Card-Jitsu Legendary Secret 2: There are hidden objects in the background. If you get all of them, you will receive a message about the upcoming Card-Jitsu Battle.
  • Card-Jitsu Legendary Secret 3: A note blows through all the stages. If you get it, it will tell you Card-Jitsu battle instructions.

Card-Jitsu Masters[edit]

  • You beat the most skilled people then become a sensei.

Card-Jitsu Battle[edit]

  • Here is how you play. You face random penguins, then the Sensei. You play in a CP area. You click on an item and it becomes a Card-Jitsu Card. You do something that has to do with the item. Damage goes down. There will also be no Card Jitsu plant SORRY!!!!

Card-Jitsu EPF/PSA[edit]

  • Sensei will be Gary and you need to be a PSA or EPF agent too!
  • Gary needs your help because Herbert is attacking the dojo Sensei and the you must stop Herbert in the boss level

Card-Jitsu Earth[edit]

  • A new Element which could make a dig.

I My self have seen Card Jitsu Earth I was walking my puffle and he dug up the gem it's green with a tree on it. I thought to myself "Maybe there is a Card Jitsu Earth" I was so surprised!

Card-Jitsu Lighting[edit]

  • I know the secrets the moderators have been keeping from us there's a secret element Called Card Jitsu Lighting. It is a special element which in the bonus level you unlock the Lighting gem you battle Sensei and Sensei's old friend Tusk comes back for his revenge with the element of Lighting and strikes Club Penguin with thunder and lighting now you have to become a lighting ninja and get rid of Tusk again.

Card-Jitsu Fishing[edit]

  • Fluffys, Squids and Mullets challage you.
  • There fish dress up penguins and the squid is the Squidzoid.

Card-Jitsu Komodo Dragon[edit]

  • Do glitchy (And Awesome)
  • what do you mean

Card-jitsu tom and jerry[edit]

  • you choose a cat or mouse card mouse beats cat depending on what its holding and cat beat mouse depending what its holding

Card-jitsu food[edit]


Card-jitsu flight[edit]

like card-jitsu water but you have limited timing or you'l fall dpesn't make sense, shouldn't u grow wings?

Card-jitsu pokémon[edit]

  • you battle pokémon WHY WHY WHY

There could be a party for the introduction of Pokemon into club penguin, because the sun/moon show will be shown on disney xd.