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Ideas for new Card Jitsu arenas! Things in italic are things that already happened.
  • card jitsu :air you can have a green suit and you can battle while flying and if you lose you fall
  • Card Jitsu Tom & Jerry Kids (Play on Tom & Jerry Kids logo)
  • Card jitsu Lightning, The Lost Element (Play in storm cloud)
  • Card jitsu earth (Play in space)
  • Card Jitsu air (Play in the air)
  • Card Jitsu Snow (Play in the dojo courtyard) *This is used
  • Dojo Roof: On this arena you battle on the roof. If someone gets 5 cards but has not yet won, they will fall through the roof (due to cards weight) and lose.
  • Hockey Stage: On this arena if you take a while to pick a card instead of picking one for you, an ice hockey puck will fly at you and hit you in the head and you lose one card. If you have no cards when this happens you lose.
  • Dance Club: On this arena, you play Dance Revolution. The things that a card must have in this arena is an arrow, a tune, and a dance move. Pick a card and it will go out of your deck. It will fly up into the Dance Revolution arrow that matches it. When it flies up, it will play the tune and your penguin will do the dance move. To win, you have to pick the dance moves that make the dance in order if you press D.
  • Puffle Training Room: Here you play Elite-Jitsu. Agent PH trains you to use the Elite Puffle Cards (which when played summon an Elite Puffle, Can also be used in Card-Jitsu and Card-Jitsu Fire) to beat your opponent. You must bring any of your puffles from your igloo and talk to PH. She will give your puffle a code name. Once you get a lot of wins and earn the ranking Elite Pufle (other rankings are, Puffle, Super Puffle, Ultra Puffle and Advanced Puffle) you can enter PH's home (at the Left-hand side of the room) where you can buy puffle clothes, a puffle whistle (to call upon your puffle without being in your igloo) etc. P.S Only Elitists can accsess this room.
  • shadow arena: Ninjas can access the shadow arena by opening a secret passage way in the dojo. The secret passage way is a moveable rice wall screen. In the shadow arena, ninjas can have up to ten player in a game. The object of the game is to beat every player. Once a player has the lowest card in a play 4 times they are out. The last penguin out wins. In it you earn your shadow equipment: the shadow samarui, the shadow nunjucks, the shadow staff, the yin-yang necklace, the shadow cape, the shadow bracelet, and the shadow mask. Once they get every item they become a shadow master and gain access to the shadow hideout. In the shadow hideout there are 2 giant gold statues of puffles.
  • Inside the Dojo(Ice Dojo): Here Only ninjas can access the ability to go inside. Card Jitsu will be transformed into Card-Jitsu Ice!Ninjas can stand on walls. Sensei has an Ice suit.Which blends in with the Ice. Tag battles can be playable here.To earn the Ice suit you must win all the Ice belts and beat the tournament. The belts are (Icey White, Cold Yellow,Pink,Frozen Red,Icey Green, Gold,and Icey Black).In the tournament beat 12 ninjas then beat Sensei.Then the whole Ice Suit is Obtained. Non members can where the suit also. Non members can also go in the Ice Dojo.50 new cards will come out(New).
  • Card Jistu Water: You need to be a ninja. Step 1: Go to Ninja Hideout Step 2: Go to the left of the Card Jistu Fire door. Step 3: Walk in TADA! ur in card justu water room! nonmemberscan be water ninjas
  • Santa's Workshop: At the beginning of a round, pick a present. Your penguin will hide in under the wrap. The present inside will be your card. When both penguins hide, they come out and reveal their cards. The higher card or element that beats the opponent's card wins the match
  • Card-Jitsu Food- Players throw food at each other until 1-3 opponents (Depending on how many players) pass out and there's a winner.
  • Club Penguin Tower ( In Club Penguin Village) You have to at least get 10 cards and whoever gets them first gets to push the other penguin off the building and it shows your penguin falling when you land your penguin starts to rub its head and falls down because a big bump is on your head)
  • Card Jitsu Reality (in the TV station): Play like normal CJ, but in every styles (Classic, Fire, Snow, Water, Air, Earth, Roof, Hockey, etc.) but the highest is 24, not 12, and lowest is 1. Played with 15 players who completed every type of Card Jitsu, this game needs up to 2-3 months until finished playing, by forming a team, and when people loose 10 times they get out from game, once we have only 1 left, we can play with "Sensei Knows Everything". The game will first start with Classic, then fire, snow, water, etc. People who lose the game can form a team with other players again. People who won won't be a ninja, but will be a star on TV with an award. Also during play people can vote for them
  • Card Jitsu Elementary. No! Not Elementary School XD! Card Jitsu Elementary. All the elements. You play in this, weird arena somewhere in the sky and one third of the room is the volcano, one third is a water place, like a water dojo, and the other one third is like a snow place, like a snow dojo. The highest on the card is 25 and the lowest is 1. You can talk to the Sensei and he will teleport you into the sky where the arena is if you are a member ninja
  • Card Jitsu Platinum* (Arena is Gift Shop Roof) *Leathery Stick needed to play.
  • Card Jitsu flight (Level one played in the sky) (Level two in space ETC.)
  • card jitsu ice ninjas should be for non members as well
  • Card Jitsu Shop: lets you buy new cards to use by getting Jitsu points. You can earn Jitsu points by participating in any kind of Card Jitsu game. The higher your rank, the more powerful cards to buy
  • Card-Jitsu Pokémon: Play in an arena with Pokémon! XD

Card Jitsu Battle: Earn points to battle sensei

  • True Ninja - Located Under the Big Amulet- Fight against your opponents with... NOT CARDS... flippers? (or sword if you have it)

The order of suit pieces are:


Golden Belt

Rainbow Belt

Magma Staff

Aquarium Controller

Refrigerator Suit

Sword (You can battle Sensei now)

True Middle Gem (Grey instead of black)

You must have completed all other elements first.

Card-Jitsu EPF:It's for both agents and ninjas and even Gary is here to battle you.