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Theories or ideas about the room Captain's Quarters!


  • Rockhopper actually sleeps in the Secret Room under the treasrue hunt boxes
  • Rockhopper didn't feed Yarr when he was young so Yarr got bored and wandered off and discovered this place
  • Rockopper keeps a Komodo Dragon here.
  • He does not, that was his lunch.
  • Someday the Captain's Quarters will become a quarter.
  • The Captain's Quarters is a hideout for famous penguins. They go there when the Migrator isn't docked.
  • Everyday, a small part of Captain's Quarters becomes Sensei's lunch along with part of Aunt Arctic's newspaper, some of the Penguin Band's guitar, a rocket from the Flare Flinger, DNA from the Director, fuel from Jetpack Guy's jetpack, the lens of Rookie's glasses, a string of Dot's hair, PH's Puffle Whistle, a string from Cadence's scarf, Rory's drill bit, Dancing Penguin's dancing skills, Herbert's fur, Klutzy's identity, Yarr's leash, the Keeper of the Boiler Room's boiler, the Keeper of the Stage's Switchbox, Bouncer's snowballs, Blast's cannon, Flare's mask, Loop's lasso, Pop's glasses, Flit's propellor cap, and Chirp's flute.
  • If Rockhopper was here during the April Fool's Party,it literlly becomes a quarter.