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Theories about the character Cadence!


  • Cadence doesn't have a crush on Rookie.
  • She has a 512th cousin who knows a guy who has a cousin who knows a guy that has an uncle who has a grandfather whos knows Zippo.
  • Cadence had her own TV show called "Late Night with Cadence". It was canceled after 3 shows.
  • Cadence has a sister named "Cantdance". She is clumsy and barely dances.
  • If "Cantdance" exists, it's possible that she has no relationship with Cadence.
  • Cadence is the sister of (DS) Dancing Penguin, because they're both pink and have dancing skills
  • Cadence Owns 16 Purple Puffles
  • Cadence is 17
  • Cadence is Rookie's second crush(after Dot).
  • Cadence can be found in the Dance Lounge in any server
  • Cadence has a cat in disguise as a Seizure Puffle.
  • Candence has a puffle that is the keeper of the boiler room and her sister Cantdance Has a vampirepuffle
  • Cadence can play the drums really well and has a sister named Casey who is Rockhopper's biggest fan and once stowed-away on his ship.
  • Her rival used to be bens777 but he disappeared
  • She is really good at playing the piano
  • Cadence has a son named Jake, search "Cadence and Franky Love Story" in Youtube.
  • The cadence that dances is herbert and the real one is watch My Little Pony.
  • Cadence loves klutzy.
  • Cadence is sensei backwards.
  • She is from My Little Pony: FiM season 2 the true one and the fake is from club penguin.
  • The Cadence is a spy.
  • One of the squids are named cadence.
  • Cadence has a sister named Classic They don't have a lot in common. Classic loves ballet. Cadence loves to breakdance. Classic prefers classical music more than anything else. Cadence is a DJ. She LOVES to create remixes to her songs and spin some tunes. Cadence can sing in front of millions of people. Classic has stage fright.