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Theories or ideas about the room Box Dimension!

Box Dimension theories[edit]

  • All the boxes in the Box Dimension are portals to other dimensions.
  • This is a home to the legendary creature, the Box Monster, who disguises himself as the box platforms.
  • The box creator didn't create the Box Dimension. It was really Gary.
  • The central box leads to Komodo, Indonesia, and every midnight a Komodo Dragon pops out.
  • a new map will be added to the box dimension to go to new dimensions
  • there is box roads to box's the lead to herbert island or other islands
  • there is a hidden box path that appears when you stand still for 30 minutes there a switch will appear you stand on it a box path leads to a box town where it has lots of things that are made of box's there's a box store and there's a card-jitsu BOX in the box dojo and once you get a house or property you get a key that means you don't have to stand for 30 seconds to enter and box clothing! and the box outside ground is floating.
  • Some of the dimensions are: Parallel Dimension, Nothing Dimension, Better Dimension, Worse Dimension, Confusion Dimension, and Famous Penguins Only Dimension.
  • There is going to be a new minigame called 'Dimension Traveller'.
  • At the Halloween Party 2012, Gary turned into Garyzoid (A squid) and ate all the boxes.
  • The Stuff From The Igloo Will Be In The Box Dimenision(Only It Will Be A Box And The Drawings Are Green)!
  • In each dimension, there is a famous penguin you can meet.


  • Gravity goes out in box dimension and lets you walk all over the place