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Tom & Jerry Kids Season 1 Book[edit]

A book to read so you can know what's the plot of your fave Tom & Jerry Kids! Episodes are ordered according to the episode list ([1])

Tom & Jerry Kids Season 2 Book[edit]

A book to read so you can know what's the plot of your fave Tom & Jerry Kids! Episodes are ordered according to the episode list ([2])

Tom & Jerry Kids Season 3 Book[edit]

A book to read so you can know what's the plot of your fave Tom & Jerry Kids! Episodes are ordered according to the episode list ([3])

Tom & Jerry Kids Season 4 Book[edit]

A book to read so you can know what's the plot of your fave Tom & Jerry Kids! Episodes are ordered according to the episode list ([4])

Cadence and Dot[edit]

  • About a girl called Cadence who thinks her little sister, Dot is exasperating.

Chapter 1. Cadence and her little sister Chapter 2. Cadence and her imagination Chapter 3. Dot and Pop Chapter 4. Dot and the apples Chapter 5. A party at Dot's igloo Chapter 6. Cadence's birthday

Lost at Sea[edit]

  • Four penguins are lost in a small boat and they eventually find a small island. Soon they discover it's Rockhopper island, but Rockhopper is away in Club Penguin. So they have to learn how to live on the island until Rockhopper comes back to take them back home.

Chapter 1. Rockhopper Island "Where are we?" said Jeanette,the purple penguin. Melonie,the brown penguin, looked around and said,"I think we're on Rockhopper Island". "Oh no. Rockhopper is at Club Penguin", said Kylie,the blue penguin. "What will we do now", said Carly, the pink penguin. " We will have to learn how to live here", said Kylie. "How", said Jeanette. "Let's ask those two penguins over there", said Kylie.

Chapter 2.Egoo and Yahiddle "Hey,what are your names",said Carly. "My name is Egoo and this is my sister,Yahiddle",said Egoo. "My name is Carly, and this is my sister,Kylie, and my friends,Jeanette, and Melonie.",said Carly. "We were on a boat, but it sank and we swam here.",said Melonie. "How do we live here?" "Come inside our cave until Rockhopper comes back", said Yahiddle.

Chapter 3. Qwertyuiop, the red puffle

Puffle Hunters[edit]

  • 2 puffle hunters search for the rare golden pufflebut then they find their selves in a lot of trouble
  • Puffle Hunters travel across the globe to find:

Golden Puffle Rainbow Puffle Silver Puffle St. Patricks Day Puffle

  • Alaska and Yukon try to find the Vampire puffle that is in Herbert's cave

Diary of Famous Penguins[edit]

  • Make a new famous penguin named Nabila Prasetiawan who is famous for bringing gems to club penguin
  • A book about the lives of all Famous penguins like

Aunt Arctic, Gary/G,Rockhopper,Cadence,Penguin Band

Chapter 1. Diary of Aunt Arctic My name is Aunt Arctic. I'm going to tell you some secrets. 1. Many penguins have asked if I was the director of the PSA. The answer to that question is Yes,I am the director of the PSA. 2. Lots of penguins ask if I play Webkinz World. Yes,I do. Nobody knows my username,though because it is gibberish.However, the first three letters of it are Ghd 3. A penguin once asked what my Puffles' names are. My blue puffle is named Puffy. My pink puffle is named CherryPuff. My black puffle is named Ryan.

Chapter 2. Diary of Gary

Club Penguin Game Secrets[edit]

A book about all the secrets of club penguin games

The Secrets Of The Haunded Mansion[edit]

Once there were two penguins that discovered a haunted mansion during the halloween party 2009 but they find secrets and secret rooms no othe member could find!

chapter 1. Fun Vs Bad

chapter 2. Discovery

chapter 3. Down below

chapter.4 OH NO!

chapter 5 . A good friend should get a pizza after helping out

chapter 6. Home at last!

Penguin Gump[edit]

A penguin comes along and sings a song called Penguin Gump and it goes like this. I like to sing about gump whatever it is. This puffle is not mine it's his. I like going to the stage and watching plays. Help! I'm lost in a maze! Oh I Like gump whatever it means! My favorite food is beans! I have to go now! Bye bye My name is Cow!

Cooking Contest[edit]

My book is about a Cooking Contest at Pizza Parlor.When a penguin makes accidentally a pizza-pie that become a monster,every person in Pizza Parlor is in danger. The Pizza-Pie trys to attack them but a little fatty penguin bits Pizza-Pie and say:"Hey,it's good!Come and try!".After that,all the penguins in Pizza Parlor eat the Pizza-Pie and all is finishing with a happy end and a good meal.

My story is in chapters:

I.Chef needed!

-In this chapter,a lot of penguins come to trying to receive this job.

II.Recipe for disaster

-In this chapter,one penguin puts accindentally a super-hot sauce in its pie and it become alive

III.The monster from my side

-In this chapter,the monster come in Pizza Parlor and makes panic everywhere

IV.No victory without eating

-In this chapter,the little fatty penguin and the others eat the monster

The Aqua Mist[edit]

Chapter 1 The Glory of the Sea (Ocean and James the explorers get to the iceberg and get to dive in the sea and explore the soda seas when they travel in the oceans and when they meet SeaJumper the jellyfish they become friends and that's it). Chapter 2 The Aqua Mist (James gets eaten by a shark and Ocean gets pulled by the strange mist and he says it must be the Aqua Mist so he has the Aqua war 1 Vs the mist and the Mist wins then the Shark opens his mouth gives James to the Aqua mist and that's Part 2 Aqua war 1 James wins so he goes to his igloo and rests). Chapter 3 Oceans AquaLand Visit (Ocean gets pulled in to this strangeland full of sea and sea creatures all in the sea Ocean sees a crab and asks him to show him around AquaLand and he says can i just tell you a few facts? and Oceans says yes our king is the Aqua mist and they said we don't like him and Ocean says come to my world near the Aqua Mist so they sneaked past the Aqua mist and they arrived at club penguin and fell asleep).

Club Penguin Code Book[edit]

Welcome to the world of Club Penguin! Did you know you could get codes on Club Penguin? Well you can! In this book, you will find many different codes! From Coin Codes to Book Codes and even Card Jitsu Codes! Use these, and you could be a ninja, or an expert reader and have some of the coolest items from the Treasure Book! Go go! Book contains: 1 Coin Code, Full Guide to book codes, 2 CJW codes and one mystery code! Book costs £12.99. Each sold separately. Made by Snowball Press.

Squidazoid vs Sensei[edit]

  • Sensei:Yawnnnnnn
  • Squidazoid (as Penguin):Hey Sensei what's up.
  • Sensei:Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal help me.
  • Squidazoid:I trap these penguins.
  • Sensei:Let's play Card-Jitsu.
  • Squidazoid:Look like I stole your cards.
  • Squidazoid:And I got the black belt.
  • Sensei:Card-Jitsu Snow Time.
  • Sensei:Let's challenge tusk.
  • Squidazoid:You are losing in this game.
  • Sensei:Do all by your self.
  • Sensei:I will help you with special powers. Snow-Fire-Water.