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Theories about the penguin Billybob!

Billybob theories[edit]

  • Billybob created the Club Penguin by using a magic pencil.
  • Herbert stole the magic pencil and drew lots of carts carrying bombs. The agents destroyed all of them except 3. The next mission will be about finding the carts and stopping them.
  • Billybob is the president of Club Penguin.
  • Billybob is a 'pokemon' trainer trying to catch a magickarp
  • Billybob has a sister named Billybobette.
  • He has a brother named Billysnob who eats like a pig.
  • Billybob raises rainbow puffles.
  • Sanity Penguin stole one of his rainbow puffles,and he discovered that the lodge down beneath the Ski Hill is the Moderator's HQ.
  • He has an copy of the hacked pokemon game "Chaos Black Version".
  • He has a sister named BobBilly, whose best friend is Bylilobb, who Billybob has a crush on.
  • Billybob married Bylilobb and Bylilobb laid an egg. It was Dot the secret agent that Rookie has a crush on
  • Billybob's girlfriend was Happy77 but he had a crush on Bylilobb so he dumped Happy77.
  • Billybob
  • Billybob is actually an evil minion of Herbert, working every day to destroy CP.
  • Billybob has Moll1123 on his friends list.
  • Billybob played Billy Bob's Huntin' & Fishin' on Game Boy Color.
  • Billybob's Billybob is Billybob
  • Billybob's wife has a penguin called Jennyjay
  • Billybob hates mario all the time.
  • The Billybob is a spy.
  • No Billybob is herbert p bear wearing a klutzy and a thing called the rocketcrab.
  • Squids have been this penguin now.