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Theories about the penguin Aunt Arctic!

Aunt Arctic[edit]

  • Aunt Arctic is the mother of Rookie, Dancing Penguin, Bambadee, and the peekaboo penguin under the Ice Rink.
  • It is rumored that Aunt Arctic will have a male version of her named Uncle Arctic. He wears a Blue Toque, his color is dark green and he wears swirly glasses.
  • Aunt Arctic will quit the Penguin Times and become a coffee server.
  • The only thing you can do on the server is sit in the coffee shop and drink coffee while chatting with friends.
  • Nobody has any idea how Aunt Arctic will transform into a server, but we'll have to wait and see!
  • Aunt Arctic will drink all the coffee.
  • Aunt Arctic will soon reveal in the newspaper that she is a moose man! She was only in a disguise!
  • Aunt Arctic is the Director of the EPF.
  • Aunt Arctic kicked Aunt Agatha from her coffee server because she believed that she stole her name.
  • Aunt Agatha then returned and threw Aunt Arctic out the window.
  • It was rumored that you can have Aunt Arctic hats. The good thing is, it's for anyone.
  • Aunt Arctic is a fan of the Sensei's show, "Biggest Card Jitsu Matches"
  • She also made a spin-off called "Biggest Sumo Wrestler Matches", which got high ratings among fat penguins.
  • Aunt Arctic is Herbert's secret agent.
  • Aunt Arctic is the creator of the Dance Club.
  • Aunt Arctic used to be a famous opera singer.
  • Aunt Arctic lives in the backdoor of the Coffee Shop.
  • Aunt Arctic will start writing secret messages in the Club Penguin Times (e.g. I am the Director of the P.S.A.) in 31st December 2222.
  • Aunt Arctic has an Club Penguinite accent.
  • Aunt Arctic is the only penguin fat enough to sink the iceberg. However, she has never tried it because she eats too many apple fritters during the day.
  • Aunt Arctic is the older penguin version of Britney Spears.
  • When she was young, she loved beans!
  • Aunt Arctic divorced Jet Pack Guy and married Gary
  • The Aunt Arctic is a spy.