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Ideas for the game Astro Barrier!

Astro Barrier theories[edit]

  • If you beat the game (and the bonus and expert levels) then you unlock Mega Levels! But you can level select them and you can come back to them any time
  • Club Penguin is trying to commit suicide, which is why only the 1st 10 levels are F2P, so more people will quit.

List of Mega Levels[edit]

  • Mega Level Introduction: It tells you about a new feature, the Shooter Ship. It shoots every three seconds. If your shots collide they both disapeer.

  • Pumpkin Bounce Smash 1: Pumpkins come out of nowhere and bounce toward you. You have to blast them and get rid of them. To beat the level, you have to blast the Pumpkin King that comes every 2 minutes 5 times.
  • Pumpkin Bounce Smash 2(The Pumpkin King Returns): The Pumpkin King returns. This time, he has 10 roots to use as arms and legs. Every time he touches a pumpkin, he becomes stronger. To win the level easier, count how many pumpkins hit him because you have to blast the Pumpkin King the number of times he touches pumpkins + 1.
  • Pumpkin Bounce Smash 3(Your the Pumpkin): If you beat Pumpkin Bounce Smash 2, the king will drop a virus on you. That virus grows every now and then. If it grows big enough, you will become a pumpkin, too. To get to the end of the level, you have to blast the pumpkins that bounce over your head. If you get one, a bomb will drop on you and remove some of the virus.
  • Pumpkin Bounce Smash 4(Don't Get Eaten): Pumpkins can fly now. Pumpkins fly towards you and bring you towards the Pumpkin King. You have to use your new side blasters to get them to drop you. At the end of the level, the pumpkins jam your side blasters and the Pumpkin King eats you.
  • Pumpkin Bounce Smash 5(North America: The Final Fight/Australia: Enter the Pumpkin): You get swallowed by the Pumpkin King. The pumpkins enter his mouth. Blast the pumpkins to unlock the 1st boss. The first boss is a yellow blob with pumpkin chunks attached to him. He swallows and blasts you. On your way to the second boss, you have to jump on platforms to avoid the viruses and germs. The 2nd boss is a germ mixed with a virus. He blasts you. If you blast him, you can't defeat him because the secret is to leave him alone so the virus will turn him into a pumpkin and you can then blast and destroy him. On the way to the 3rd boss, there are lots of traps. You have to use the items you get on they way to exit them. The 3rd boss is another yellow blob. He has a helmet and is holding a spear. He throws spears at you. You have to knock his helmet off then blast him. On your way to the last boss, tentacle-like brain controllers charge at you. If it touches something, it explodes. The last boss is the biggest. He is a mix of the last 3 bosses. He has tentacle-like brain controllers that control the Pumpkin King. You have to disconnect the brain connecters and avoid the boss's 6 attacks to defeat the Pumpkin King once and for all.

  • The Dragon's Den: A dragon shoots out 3 shooter ships. Beat all 3 and they explode. The Dragon snorts fumes you can't kill them. Then he stands up. Shoot his chest. Then he does the shooter ships, fumes, and Power Blasts. You have to shoot them 5 times before they reach you. He stands up again. Shoot him. Then he does 6 shooter ships, double the fumes, and Ultra Power Blasts with 10 hp. Then he stands up. Shoot him and he wins!
  • The Dragon's Den 2(The Demonweb): The dragon shoots out a spider web along with 4 shooter ships. Shoot the shooter ships. A spider will come to eat them. The spider has 6 hp and if he gets away he heals. Once he dies the dragon rips the web and grabs your ship and throws it in a giant web. You now have to shoot spiders coming around you from all sides. This is just like Asteroids. Once you kill 10 spiders, 3 flies will come. They will bounce you back to the Dragon. He puts you on the final web. It's like the 2nd web but then a huge spider comes. He has 20 hp and doesn't attack you directly, but he shoots poison at you. Shoot the poison and the spider. When he has 15 hp left then small 2 hp spiders come. Hit them and the Big Spider comes back. When he has 10 hp he shoots bigger poison. When he has 5 hp he shoots a poison beam. When he dies, you go back to the Dragon. Shoot the Dragon's eye's to win!
  • The Dragon's Den 3(The Great Chase):The dragon is back! He shoots lava, just shoot each piece of lava then shoot his mouth, his head falls off. He'll escape. Run after him shooting his tail until it falls off. He screams. He tries to grab you with his hands. Dodge until he gets tired. Shoot off his arms. He'll do a kick at you. Each of his feet have 6 hp. When they fly off, he'll just have his body. It has 20hp, shoot it and dodge the spiders (3hp). When the dragon is dead, a big Box will come out of him. It roars and hops away.
  • The Dragon's Den 4(Dragon Boxes):The Dragon Box will shoot little boxes. Shoot the brown ones, and not the black ones. When he's done he'll shoot a rainbow box. Shoot it 10 times and it will give you an ultrashot. The Dragon Box will run around really fast. Shoot it with an ultrashot. He'll be stunned. Shoot him 5 times, and he'll jump back. He'll shoot more spiders at you (3hp) and he has 20 hp. Then he explodes! Shoot it's heart to win.
  • The Dragon's Den 5(Elder Dragon):Good thing we finally beat the dragon. Wait, but is that.... another dragon? The Elder Dragon will shoot a giant beam and move left to right. Shoot him 5 times, and he'll eat you. Inside is his heart. The heart has a 20hp shield and it has 3hp, and it shoots missles(3hp) and Robots (5 hp) After you beat the heart it starts exploding, you fly away. In the sky, the hearts final missle comes at you, it has 50 hp and deploys mini-missles with 2hp. After you beat the final missle you finally beat the dragon for good!