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Ideas for the game Aqua Grabber!

Aqua Grabber theories[edit]

  • There are new seas.
  • If you don't collect anything for over a minute,you get Rick Roll'd until you press an arrow key.
  • You can keep the stuff you find.
  • You can pick up clams with the claw.
  • You can shoot missiles at "Puff Daddy", like a boss on a video game.
  • There's a level editor.
  • Aqua Grabber will be moved to the Beach.
  • It will also be moved to Card Jitsu Water to play Aqua Grabber:Sensei Seas (3 mullets and there like card-jitsu snow)

New Seas[edit]

  • Herbert Race: You and Herbert are racing to get G's blueprint and Rockhopper's map from the bottom of the sea. It has lots of Fluffy's and Poision Fish in it, also some Gray Fish (they swim around wildly, more wild then fluffy) and squids (they grab onto you and drain coins). If Herbert gets both, then you lose the game. If you get both, you win! If you each get one you have a battle. You have to pick up coconuts and put them in cannons with the Aqua Grabber. Then hit the switch and it fires. Do this 5 times before Herbert escapes (in 2 minutes.) There is one steel coconut that will count as all five, to get it go to the top of the water and jump left to the coral reef. Grab the steel coconut and jump back. After you shatter the wall, Herbert will fire missiles at you. If 3 hit you you lose. You have to grab his ship and hit it against the rock wall 3 times to win. If you win you get his treasure.
  • Komodo Dragon: Rrdjkskrkrksjhfnnsaaskdkdksksaowijtfujsks
  • Octopus Friends: In the beginning of this level, you meet a friendly octopus. You use your Octopus Translator 3000 to understand what he's saying. He says that he was playing with his friends when he got separated with him. You travel across the sea to get items and find the octopus's friends: A starfish, a jellyfish, and a whale.
  • Inky Islands. You have to finish compressed air mode in Clam Waters to get to this level. The guardian is the Colossal Squid you saw in Clam Waters. You pick up the ink bombs set up by the Colossal Squid. The rare treasure objective is to find the key and then you unlock the door. The rare treasure is the sapphire. You have an inventory and it is the net. You have seven spaces and you throw the ink bombs at the Colossal Squid. Then you find Herbert when you defeat the Squid. Then you toss the things you thrown at the Colossal Squid. Then you find a treasure chest full of ink bomb blueprints.
  • AQ Adventure: You start out normal. Then, a giant squid soars towards you. Grab one of its tentacles to avoid it. If you fail to grab one, the octopus hits you until you succeed. Then, sharks soar towards you. Hit the sharks with the octopus. The last one is the biggest. Hurl the octopus at it and bounce it back and forth 10 times to continue. Herbert appears out of no where and tackles the Aqua Grabber. Press the eject button to fire Herbert back. You eject out of your seat and above the water. It comes back down. If you don't land in the Aqua Grabber, you will bounce back up and lose 5 coins. If you do land in the Aqua Grabber, you continue. A whirlpool starts. You get sucked in. Grab Klutzy who tosses coral at you and clog up where ever the whirlpool started. Then race the jellyfish to the finish line to win.
  • Sensei Seas:This mode is only finder in card-jitsu water. You will need 3 mullets to make a powerful water card (6 fluffy and many worm places). This game is not founded in the beach. There are 3 mullets (deep medium and upper). Sensei will be here too to make a powerful cards in the net. You will get many different kinds of water card but in non-member's mode only a single aqua grabber card. Squidasaurus statue can be seen.