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Theories about the character Forest Creature!


  • It may be related to the unreleased Fog Forest.
  • It may have something to do with the cave visible at the Ski Hill.
  • It's suspected that the Sasquatch is another ancient myth that is starting to be revealed, like the old ?????? who was seen digging out the Dojo and later became a famous penguin called Sensei who taught penguins the Card-Jitsu and solved the old myth that there were ninjas in Club Penguin.
  • We will never learn about the creature and it will stay as a mystery forever.
  • It wears the Beta Hat, suggesting the creature has been on Club Penguin since 2005 and likely been in hiding since then.
  • The creature lives in a forest with tall trees similar to the Wilderness ones and also similar to an old sneak peek showing what is supposed to be the forest of Puffle Creatures.
  • The Sasquatch is prehistoric and when we traveled back in time we changed the future, releasing the Megalodon and also the Sasquatch taking them to the present.
  • He could also lead penguins to the Puffle Creatures Forest making them discover new Puffle Creatures.