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Where Near the Snow Forts.
Opened August 22, 2008 (Replacing the Ice Rink, as Soccer Pitch); June 16, 2009 (2nd time, as Soccer Pitch); May 25, 2010 (3rd time, as Stadium)
Closed December 19, 2008 (Replaced with Ice Rink); November 27, 2009 (Replaced with Ice Rink); March 29, 2017 (Permanently due to Club Penguin's closure)
Mini-Games None (technically soccer and hockey)
ID 802
Tour Description
“Welcome to the Stadium! Score goals for your team... before time runs out or cheer them on in the stands!”

The Stadium (formerly known as the Soccer Pitch and Ice Rink) is a sports playing area in Club Penguin. It was added as a members-only room on August 22, 2008 during the Penguin Games. After the Party, the room was kept permanently and opened up to non-members. It was removed and added again after the Adventure Party 2009. It was removed once again on November 26, 2009, but returned for the summer season on May 27, 2010 with added glitches in the Snow and Sports catalog. The name Soccer Pitch was used until May 27, when the name “Stadium” was used for emphasis. It was the main room for the Stadium Games. In December 2010, Stadium was fused with Ice Rink. In December to May, the game played in Stadium is hockey, and in June to November, it is soccer. The room then got permanently closed on March 29, 2017.

Interesting Features[edit]

  • During the Penguin Games 2008, here was an air ship that had “GOOD DAY” written on the side (a parody of Goodyear). It was removed after the party ended.
  • Floodlights.
  • Stands like those in the Stadium.
  • Advertisements.
  • There are two booths: A stadium announcer stand and a food stand. A sports shop booth formerly existed.

The Sports Shop Booth[edit]

After the Popcorn Explosion the Snow and Sports catalog was moved here, also along with it a sports shop booth. If a player clicked on the word SPORTS the light would turn on. As of June 11, 2013, this feature has been removed to make way for a path to the School but the catalog remains.

Stadium sports.png

Events/sports at the Stadium[edit]

Since it opened, many “events” have been held at the Stadium.

Ice Hockey[edit]

From the time it opened until the Penguin Games 2008, the Stadium was known solely as the Ice Rink or Super Rink, since Ice Hockey was the only sport it hosted. After the Penguin Games, the Stadium only hosted Ice Hockey from Winter until mid-year (usually around May or June), until it was officially known as the “Stadium” in 2010. Ice Hockey is still available from December until mid-year every year, when Soccer isn’t in the Stadium.


Soccer first became available during the Penguin Games, when the “Soccer Pitch” replaced the “Ice Rink”. Soccer was available at the Soccer Pitch from mid-year until December every year until 2010. The sport schedule is still the same, however the events are just switched in the Stadium from Ice Hockey to Soccer, rather than switching the rooms from “Ice Rink” to “Soccer Pitch”.

Water Polo[edit]

During the Water Parties, Water Polo was played at the Ice Rink, rather than Ice Hockey.


During all of the Music Jams and the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam, the Stadium was transformed into a giant band “concert” area.


During the Adventure Party 2009, the Stadium was turned into the “Super Pool”. Its placing was somewhat strange though, since the Cave already has a pool.

Stadium Games[edit]

From September 2010 until December 2010, the Stadium Games were held at the Stadium (as the event name implies). Soccer or Ice Hockey was unable to be played during the Stadium Games, but you could take part in Target Champ, Jackhammer Rivals, or the 100 Meter Waddle.

Bumper Cars[edit]

During The Fair 2011 and The Fair 2012, the Stadium was used as a Bumper Car Stadium.

Ice Skating[edit]

During the Holiday Party 2011 and Holiday Party 2012, the Stadium was used as an Ice Skating Rink. It’s almost the same as when the Stadium hosts Ice Hockey, except for the fact that it has no scoring nets.

Turbo Race 3000[edit]

In summer 2014, Gary transformed the Stadium into racing track for Turbo Race 3000. After three laps the fastest drivers would stand on winner’s podium.


Parties as Ice Rink (before the fusion)[edit]

Parties as Soccer Pitch (before the fusion)[edit]

Parties as Stadium[edit]

Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Estádio
French Stade
Spanish Estadio
German Stadion
Russian Стадион


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