Ice Hockey

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The older Ice Rink.
The Water Rink.

Ice Hockey is an unofficial game that is played at the Ice Rink. To play, the player must push the puck inside the goal-post by running at the puck. This game will not give any coins, rewards or stamps. Ice Hockey can be played by an unlimited amount of penguins in a game, although it is better to play in even teams (although almost never played that way). Members may buy hockey gear from the Snow and Sports catalog.

Water Polo[edit]

During the Water Party 2007, Ice Hockey was replaced by water polo. The Ice Rink was replaced by a pool, and the puck was replaced by a water polo ball. This also happened at the 2008 Summer Kick Off Water Party and Adventure Party 2009.

Hockey Teams[edit]

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The "official" hockey teams are red, blue, green, and yellow - however, fan-created colors do exist.