Ice Bricks

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Ice Bricks
Ice Bricks.jpg

Gameplay of Ice Bricks.
Players 1 (single player)
Minigame Location Gift Shop's computer
Date released 2007
Stamps awarded No

When EPF Agents (and, formerly, PSA Agents) are playing "Case of the Missing Coins", they have the ability to turn on the owner of the Gift Shop's computer, via a floppy disk found underneath a couch. If they click "Ice Bricks" in the menu, they can play a game where they have to break bricks with a ball. It is just another version of the classic Breakout arcade game. There are 10 levels.

To locate this game, players have to go to the Case of the Missing Coins mission, and find the floppy disc under the couch. When they find it, they have to insert it into the Gift Shop's Computer, and players can access it from there. It has no purpose, however, except for killing time.

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