I'm a Mod

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I'm a Mod
Available Yes
Released September 26, 2014
Views Unknown

I'm a Mod is a song performed by the Moderators of Club Penguin. It shows a Rap battle.


I'm a mod baby and I'm chillin' on CP
On my neck Hawaiian leis
Yeah you know that's how I play
You think you can moderate?
That's more than I can tolerate
I'm more legit than your unibrow
I'm all dressed as a dairy cow

Your rhymes are so tame
I got a ban hammer
And I swing it til my arm's sore
When they call my name
They're shoutin' Thor!
I'm startin' toot parades
I can hit "et" for days
Now be a good penguin
And bring me some "ec" okaaay?

Don't question my authority
Safety's my priority
We keepin' it classy in this igloo
Your cursin' or name callin' and well get you foo

I got all the tools to be a moderatin' master
Ban you so quick your head'll spin faster
Report your chats straight to your mother
Watchin' my screens like I was a Big Brother

You watchin' screens
While I'm makin' cheddar
Your flow's so slow can't you do better?
I spit so rare it's not even fair
So take your seat while I rap to the beat
I got my VIP badge
And a bling bling necklace
Eat mods like you everyday for breakfast
This secret will make you flip
I've seen the iceberg tip



How hear me boy it ain't about the coin
You think you're the best?
Well keep on guessin'
I'm the top mod here
And I'll teach you a lesson

I write emails Like my last name was Arctic
Telling you about the secrets
And all things uncharted

What? You-re joking right?
This bird about to take flight
And the only one with more sweg
Is the mad intern named Megg


You thought it was over
But too bad I'm back
I'm a mod don't cha know
I won't cut you no slack
I'm all about fun
I was even called the boss
This island is for friends
All you haters get lost
I don't just mod I spit mad rhymes
Faster than play screen loading times
You ain't impressed
I'm not surprised
Features shown as advertised

This ain't a game to me
I'm better than you'll ever be
Answering your mascot questions
And helping you find pins
Man you gotta be kiddin' me
I got the epic win
The party don't start now
It's when I waddle in!




  • At one part of the song, you can spot a Ghost Puffle floating through the crowd.