Hydro-Hopper Penguin

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Hydro-Hopper Penguin
Hydro hopper penguin mission 10.png
Full Name Hydro-Hopper Penguin
Species Penguin
Position Hydro Hopper Maintainer
Appeared Secret Missions
Color Green
Clothing Black Toque
Related To Unknown
Friends With Unknown
Meetable Character? No
What? Did you think I was going to send you on a quest to find something to trade for it? That would just be silly.
— Hydro-Hopper Penguin

The Hydro-Hopper Driver is a penguin that appears in Secret Missions standing next to the Hydro-Hopper boat. He is a green penguin with a Black Toque and overalls. He appears in a few missions, trying to fix the Hydro-Hopper, then you need to help him. He enjoys his job as well, however, it seems like he can't really keep the boat in shape (due to a number of times where he has trouble with the boat). He seems very polite and friendly.

Involvement in Missions[edit]

  • Mission 9: He is having problems with the motor. Once you fix it, he'll give you a pump if you ask for it.
  • Mission 10: He lends you a piece of rope.


  • He refers to the Hydro-Hopper as its original name, the Ballistic Biscuit.