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The bottle of hot sauce in Pizzatron 3000.
Hot Sauce in Herbert's old hideout.

Hot Sauce is a type of hot, spicy pizza sauce that is used commonly on pizzas. It has a red color, and is seen twice in missions. It's also used in Pizzatron 3000 and Card-Jitsu. In Pizzatron 3000, it replaces Pink Icing. In Operation: Hot Sauce Herbert steals a giant hot sauce bottle from the Pizza Parlor.

It is unknown how this item can make fire as it simply consists of a liquid.

Involvement in Missions[edit]

Involvement in Games[edit]

  • Hot Sauce is used by fire cards in Card-Jitsu, but it appears as fire, not as sauce.
  • It is one of the two main sauces in the game Pizzatron 3000.
  • There is hot sauce on Herbert's table in his cave in Mission 6: Questions for a Crab.
  • Hot Sauce is involved in the game Card-Jitsu Fire. However, a bottle of Hot Sauce is not given out.
Barrel of Hot Sauce in Cave before the Medieval Party 2011.

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