Holiday Party 2011

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Holiday Party 2011
The logo for Holiday Party 2011.
Members only No
When December 14, 2011 - December 28, 2011
Free Item(s)

Aunt Arctic's Autograph, Rockhopper Background, CFC 2011 Pin, Globe Hat, Santa Seat background, The Jingle Bell, Holiday Tree Background, Candy Cane Duo Pin, CFC Cap, North Pole Background, Holiday Stocking Pin, The Tree Topper, Sweet Treat Background, Milk 'N Cookies Pin, The Hornament Hat, Holiday Magic Background, Gingerbread Cookie Costume

Cranberry Decoration, Evergreen Decoration, Gold Decoration, Cookie Serving Apron, Deluxe Gingerbread House
Catalog(s) None
Mascot(s) Aunt Arctic
Where Everywhere
Preceded by
Card-Jitsu Party 2011
Succeeded by
Underwater Expedition

The Holiday Party 2011 was a party in Club Penguin. It was first confirmed by the Disney website. The party started on December 14, 2011 and ended on December 28, 2011. Like the previous few Holiday Parties, Rockhopper returned. During the party, the Lighthouse and Beacon filled with coins of Coins For Change, with the biggest donation station close by at the Beach.

This Holiday Party introduced a few different features: firstly, Aunt Arctic waddled the island in addition to Rockhopper. Secondly, an Advent Calendar location at the Forest, with free items everyday for all players. Finally, the Magic Sleigh Ride gave away three new free items. [1]

Free items[edit]

Image Item Location Members only?
TheJingleBell.PNG The Jingle Bell Forest (Advent Calendar - Day 1) No
HolidayTreeBackgroundCard.PNG Holiday Tree Background Forest (Advent Calendar - Day 2) No
CandyCaneDuoPin.PNG Candy Cane Duo Pin Forest (Advent Calendar - Day 3) No
CFCCap.PNG CFC Cap Forest (Advent Calendar - Day 4) No
NorthPoleBackgroundCard.PNG North Pole Background Forest (Advent Calendar - Day 5) No
HolidayStockingPin.PNG Holiday Stocking Pin Forest (Advent Calendar - Day 6) No
TheTreeTopperNew.PNG The Tree Topper Forest (Advent Calendar - Day 7) No
SweetTreatBackgroundCard.PNG Sweet Treat Background Forest (Advent Calendar - Day 8) No
MilkNCookiesPin.PNG Milk 'N Cookies Pin Forest (Advent Calendar - Day 9) No
TheHornamentHat.PNG The Hornament Hat Forest (Advent Calendar - Day 10) No
HolidayMagicBackgroundCard.PNG Holiday Magic Background Forest (Advent Calendar - Day 11) No
GingerbreadCookieCostume.PNG Gingerbread Cookie Costume Forest (Advent Calendar - Day 12) No
CFC2011Pin.PNG CFC 2011 Pin After you donate to Coins for Change No
GlobeHatNew.PNG Globe Hat Rockhopper's Rare Items No
SantaSeatCard.PNG Santa Seat background Book Room No
AuntArctic'sAutographPlayerCard.PNG Aunt Arctic's Autograph Obtained by meeting Aunt Arctic No
RockhopperBackground3rdCard.PNG Rockhopper Background Obtained by meeting Rockhopper No
CranberryDecoration.PNG Cranberry Decoration Magic Sleigh Ride Yes
EvergreenDecoration.PNG Evergreen Decoration Magic Sleigh Ride Yes
GoldDecoration.PNG Gold Decoration Magic Sleigh Ride Yes
CookieServingApron.PNG Cookie Serving Apron Bakery Yes
DeluxeGingerbreadHouseIcon.png Deluxe Gingerbread House Bakery Yes



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  • There was a glitch when you clicked the sign it said Be a Pirate. This glitch was fixed.
  • This party had the most free items out of any Club Penguin party until the Hollywood Party, beating the previous record-holder, the Medieval Party 2011.

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