Holiday Gifts Calendar

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The Gifts Calendar.

The Holiday Gifts Calendar is where members and non-members can get free items between December 20, 2012 - December 25, 2012 during the Holiday Party 2012. Players can get their items after they log in to Club Penguin. Players had until the end of the Holiday Party (January 3, 2013) to obtain the items. It is similar to the Advent Calendar from the previous year.

List of Items[edit]

Item Image Type Available on? Members Only?
Holiday Teddy HolidayTeddy.PNG Hand Item December 20, 2012 No
Festive Chair FestiveChair.PNG Room Furniture December 20, 2012 Yes
Hot Chocolate HotChocolate.PNG Hand Item December 21, 2012 No
Holly Jolly Couch HollyJollyCouch.PNG Room Furniture December 21, 2012 Yes
Race Car Controller RaceCarController.PNG Hand Item December 22, 2012 No
Festive Light FestiveLight.PNG Wall Furniture December 22, 2012 Yes
Frost Bite Cavern background FrostBiteCavernCard.PNG Background December 23, 2012 No
Make and Bake Kitchen MakeandBakeKitchen.PNG Room Furniture December 23, 2012 Yes
Green Lightbulb GreenLightbulb.PNG Head Item December 24, 2012 No
Santa Desk SantaDesk.PNG Room Furniture December 24, 2012 Yes
Arctic White ArcticWhite.PNG Color December 25, 2012 No
Frost Bite Palace FrostBitePalaceIcon.PNG Igloo December 25, 2012 Yes

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