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Full Name Herbert Percival Bear Esquire
Species Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus)
Position EPF's worst enemy
Illustrious Leader Supreme of Club Penguin/Club Herbert (formerly)
Darth Herbert (Star Wars Takeover)
Appeared Secret Missions
System Defender
Battle of Doom
The Great Snow Race
Operation: Blackout
Club Penguin Homepage
Smoothie Smash
Login Screen
Operation: Hot Sauce
Star Wars Takeover
Jetpack Boost
Operation: Puffle
We Wish You a Merry Walrus
Halloween Party 2015
Operation: Crustacean
Operation: Tri-umph
Color White
Arctic White, Aqua (Player Card)
Clothing Herberts Eyebrows
Yeti Costume (newspaper only)
Darth Herbert Costume
Related To Unknown
Friends With Klutzy
Meetable Character? Yes
Voiced/ Played By Dave B. Mitchell
Enjoy it before I destroy it!
— Herbert, Operation: Blackout

Herbert Percival Bear, Esquire[1] (species: Ursus maritimus[2], or more commonly known as the Polar Bear) is a character that is enemy of Elite Penguin Force and wants to take over Club Penguin. He was the main enemy in Secret Missions, and was the cause of the troublesome events of Mission 3 to The Great Snow Race. Herbert is one of the few main characters of Club Penguin who isn't a penguin. Oddly, he hates cold weather, is a vegetarian, and he cannot swim. He also has a very bad temper and despises both penguins and puffles for no clearly defined logical reason. Each scheme he comes up with fails (except his scheme in Mission 11, but the EPF took over), but he hopes that one day a scheme of his will work so he can take over Club Penguin Island. Herbert appears in multiple Card-Jitsu cards. Herbert also appeared on the homepage of Club Penguin. His ultimate plan in Club Penguin is to create a warm quiet paradise and uses the resources on Club Penguin (including trees, buildings, inventions, Hot Sauce, etc.) to become warm.


Background History[edit]

Herbert was born in the Arctic Circle, but he hated the cold, so he wanted to head south to some place warm. He traveled on a small iceberg, but the ocean currents carried him all the way to Club Penguin Island, which coincidentally was on the other side of the world. He tried to paddle away from Club Penguin since it was covered in snow, but he tipped his iceberg (which further supported the rumor of tipping the Iceberg). Herbert was unable to swim, and he was rescued by a crab named Klutzy who inhabited Club Penguin Island, of whom he soon befriended.


Over time, he soon grew to despise penguins. Klutzy was caught in mission 5, but he got away in the Questions for a crab mission. In the sixth mission, Herbert, along with Klutzy, try to destroy the Ski Lodge in one of his schemes to both keep warm and harm the penguins. However, he still escapes. Also in Mission 6, he tells agents his story about his life. If players click on the letter in G's pocket in the newspaper (April 11, 2008 edition) and you turn all the puffles black then you will see a letter Herbert has written to the players saying that "time" is about to run out, resulting in mission 7 in which he makes the clock malfunction by taking out certain parts of it, including the main gear.

He also steals your Spy Phone when he traps you in a cage in Mission 6 (The cage is in a cave that Herbert and Klutzy live in). You used that same cave for shelter in Mission #2 except Herbert renovates it to be more of a living place.

In Mission 8, he creates a giant drill and tries to take the boiler from the Boiler Room, damaging the Gift Shop along the way. Eventually, he gets caught and accidentally damages the boiler. Then he runs off and gets lost in his own tunnels.

In Mission 9, he is located by agents in a secret woodland base behind the Ski Lodge. The Secret Agents then set a trap for him and discover he is making a plan that involves puffles.

In Mission 10, Herbert is trying to steal the Golden Puffle from the Night Club, not knowing it is a fake. A trap is set for him when he tries to get it and is caught. Unfortunately, he tricks Rookie, saying that he requests to make one last call. When Rookie gives him the phone, Herbert uses the teleport button to escape. It is unknown where he went. However, he left behind some corn seeds (which are based on the main plot of Mission 11).

In Mission 11 he hacks into the PSA data and nearly reveals it to the whole island. On his computer that he stole from the Gift Shop, he was about to reveal the secret of the PSA, when the agent pulled out the plug of the computer. Then he teleports a "gift" and the agent to the HQ. The 'gift' turns out to be a popcorn time bomb. The agent, along with Rookie, Dot, and Gary come out safely but he blasts the HQ and Sport Shop with the time-bomb.

Herbert's Revenge[edit]

Herbert doesn't know about the Elite Penguin force until the events of Suspect at Large. While the player is in Herbert's Hideout, Herbert is measuring the Ice Rink to make a hole. As soon as Herbert was done, he immanently went back to his hideout. Herbert meets the player thinking they're Klutzy. When Herbert learns the player has stolen his plans to warm up Club Penguin. Although Herbert closes the main exit, the player escapes anyway. When Rookie, Dot, Jet Pack Guy and the Elite Puffles find the hole Herbert made at the Stadium, Herbert captures them and takes them to the Tallest Mountain. After the player rescues all the members that were captured they meet up with Herbert on the top of Tallest Mountain in his Hot Air balloon with a huge magnifying glass. Although the agents stop Herbert, a huge crash is heard. A geyser sprouts from the Mine Shack. While Herbert tries to escape his balloon his hit with the geyser and crashed at the Ski Village. Shortly after Herbert crash lands, Jet Pack Guy finds him tied up in his balloon. The player then helps Klutzy help Herbert get out of the balloon's mess. Herbert claims after that he won't get outwith out proper water gear. After the player gives Herbert the water gear he, will get out and help the agents. When the player repairs Herbert's balloon, he floats to his hideout and takes his Herbert statue to put on the geyser to stop it once and for all. The super helium becomes overpowered and sends Herbert flying away. Nothing is heard from Herbert until June 2010.

New Elite Penguin Force[edit]

When Field-Ops were released Herbert seemed to start attacking the EPF weekly, all his attempts have failed however.

In January 2011, he appeared in level 2 of System Defender, a game in the EPF Command Room. He also re-builds the Ultimate Proto-Bot, which also appears as a level in System Defender. From January 2011 - May 2011, Protobot and Herbert had teamed up to attack the EPF. However, Herbert temporarily helped the EPF severely damage Protobot in Field-Op 44, because Herbert wanted to defeat the EPF, not destroy them (which was Protobot's goal).

Herbert then betrayed the EPF after helping them defeat Protobot by causing the Battle of Doom on the Everyday Phoning Facility rooftop, where he tried to use the Hydra from the Medieval Party 2011 to destroy the EPF as he did with the PSA.

He somehow got a hold of the Comm App in July 2011, which is why the EPF went very quiet. It was revealed in System Defender Level 6 that Herbert had been hiding out at the Toughest Mountain. The EPF attacked his hideout at The Great Snow Race, and put him into hibernation. Klutzy managed to escape however.

Herbert escaped from hibernation during the Underwater Expedition as a video was released with a lullaby saying he will not wake up unless by mistake.[3] This was proven true, as his cage was destroyed due to the island flooding, and Herbert had gone missing.

At the beginning of May 2012 Herbert steals Cream Soda for his Sticky Cream Soda Bomb of Doom to bomb Club Penguin. Later his plan backfires and Herbert's hideout gets blown up, as shown in the short Puffle Trouble.

After all of the previous events, Herbert became a little bit smarter and scarier, too. His plans became more serious and he was seen as a little bit more of a threat. In the PSA missions and DS games, his plans were a little bit goofy, and wasn't seen as much of a threat to the PSA. He was more of an annoyance, but still a large enemy. That slowly started to change after The Popcorn Explosion and the EPF was the main agency of Club Penguin. During Operation: Blackout, Herbert showed Club Penguin what he was really capable of. On October 10th, 2012, he finally returned and made a twitter [4] giving warnings that he was back and that he would launch Operation: Blackout soon, which would destroy the EPF once and for all. On November 7, 2012 Herbert broke into Gary's lab and kidnaps Gary and later froze him in a container to pay back for Operation: Hibernation. On November 15, 2012, Herbert destroyed the Everyday Phoning Facility and EPF Command Room, used the Solar Laser to take all the sunlight for his lair. He called himself as Illustrious Leader Supreme of Club Penguin, and began to kidnap several agents throughout the rest of Operation: Blackout. He was eventually defeated on November 24th, 2012, and then he went into hiding after the event ended.

On April 5, 2013 Herbert attacked the Pizza Parlor and stole the giant hot sauce bottle, and attempted to repurpose the Solar Laser from Operation: Blackout for an unknown purpose. Operation: Hot Sauce commenced to find the culprit. On November 30th, 2013 during the Operation: Puffle he was found in a new lair behind the Ice Falls. At this lair he had Puffles under mind control bringing him coins. After his defeat the Puffles took him off to an unknown location. Klutzy also escaped.


In a blog post containing a June 2015 Club Penguin calendar, various bear footprints were seen stamped in the calendar.[5] On June 8, 2015, Tato Maxx reported in a blog post that various Spanish players reported seeing Herbert walking throughout the island.[6] These appearances could lead to Herbert returning during the June 2015 EPF Training. He also returned in October 2015 during the Halloween Party 2015 when he tried to take over by messing with Gary the Gadget Guy's inventions for the Club Penguin's 10th anniversary. His invention failed and he got away along with Klutzy. Herbert also returned in 2015 for Operation: Crustacean, when Klutzy got abducted by alien puffles and he needed the EPF's help. Once again he got away, but this time he had stolen the UFO's power source. Operation Crustacean went on until February 2016, when Herbert commenced Operation: Tri-umph with new evil inventions! Luckily the UFO power source was retrieved by EPF Agents, and Herbert went into hiding once again.

Herbert's Inventions[edit]

See List of Herbert's Inventions

Herbert P. Bear has made machines to arouse chaos in Club Penguin Island. He often rebuilds inventions that are used for parties. He has made a Mechanical Woodchopper, an Earthquake Driller (using Club Penguin's Clock Prime Gear), and he put together the Electromagnet 3000 with Gary's stolen blueprints. He also created the "Popcorn Time Bomb" which destroyed the PSA's HQ and rebuilt the Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000. He also rebuilt the Hydra, probably after the Medieval Party in 2011. In Operation Blackout he then created the Solar Laser, which stole sunlight all for himself.


  • (Breathing noise)
  • Greetings!
  • Attention!
  • Listen to me!
  • Enjoy it before I destroy it.
  • Greetings, rebel traitors!
  • Attention, rebel traitors!
  • Listen to me, rebel traitors!
  • I am Darth Herbert
  • Master of the Force
  • Servant of the Dark Side
  • Commander of the Empire's forces
  • Sworn enemy of the Alliance
  • Fearsome foe of friendliness
  • And all-around mean guy
  • I am here to be obeyed
  • If you wish to surrender now, that's fine
  • You will be defeated
  • But it will save us both time
  • And I can take a longer lunch
  • If you do not surrender...
  • ...you will be defeated anyway
  • But I'll be angry you wasted my time
  • You want to hear some stories, do you?
  • Very well, I shall regale you
  • I was in a podrace once
  • I destroyed the other competitors
  • And I won
  • That's usually how I do business
  • I have fought many Lightsaber duels
  • I remember one with my old master
  • What was his name?
  • Anyway, I defeated him
  • He wasn't so great after all
  • I have used the Force for many things
  • To persuade people
  • To destroy people
  • But the best thing I ever used it for-
  • Wait, why should I tell you?
  • I should blast you into space!
  • Do not be so rash
  • Fools!
  • Do you doubt my power?
  • I will defeat you!
  • You are insignificant!
  • Who dares?!
  • Do you defy me?
  • Your power is nothing compared to mine!
  • I don't want to talk about that!
  • Never bring that up again!
  • (angry breathing noise
  • Arrrrrgh!
  • Grrrrrr
Jedi Rebels
  • None of your Jedi mind tricks!
  • I cannot be fooled
  • I was a Jedi once
  • But I was too powerful
  • That's why I left
  • I don't care what you've heard
  • Put away your Lightsaber!
  • I will not embarrass you...
  • ...with defeat in front of your friends!
  • Put away those Lightsabers!
  • I could defeat you with a single thought
  • I could defeat you with a single snowball
  • For I am Darth Herbert
  • You Rebels think you can destroy the Death Star?
  • I will defeat YOU!
  • Then you won't be destroying anything!
  • If you reveal the Rebel spy to me...
  • ...I will still defeat you all...
  • ...But I will make it quick
  • Can you direct me to...
  • The Death Star bridge?
  • I have planets to conquer
  • The Death Star docking bay?
  • My ship's come in
  • The Death Star meeting room?
  • I'm late for my four o'clock
  • The Death Star elevator room?
  • It's the only way to get around this place
  • The Death Star trash compactor?
  • I have some Rebel garbage to take out
  • The Death Star tractor beam room?
  • Collecting shuttles is one of my hobbies
  • The Death Star detention block?
  • Those prisoners won't interrogate themselves
  • The Throne Room?
  • Big meeting with the boss
  • The Millennium Falcon?
  • I just have a little sabotage to do
  • My favorite animal is the Bantha
  • They are quite delicious!
  • But not very bright
  • What is my favorite place?
  • I like the Death Star's garbage compactor
  • When there are Rebel spies in it!
  • What is my favorite sport?
  • Hunting Rebel spies!
  • I don't like it to be too easy
  • So I give them a good head start
  • My hobbies are Lightsaber duels
  • Disciplining underlings with the Force
  • Flying my TIE fighter
  • Crushing the Rebellion
  • Defeating my old masters
  • Collecting space shuttles
  • I like to keep busy
  • My favorite possession?
  • I'm very fond of the Death Star
  • And my TIE Fighter
  • And my Lightsaber
  • Anything that destroys things, basically
  • My favorite color is dark
  • It is the color of my wardrobe
  • As well as my favorite side
  • I'm talking about the Dark Side
  • In case that wasn't clear
  • My favorite planet is Alderaan
  • I mean- WAS Alderaan
  • Heh heh
Yes No Questions
  • Are you a Rebel?
  • Will you join the Dark Side?
  • You want to join the Dark Side?
  • Good choice
  • Unfortunate decision
  • I find your lack of faith disturbing
Dark Side
  • Join the Dark Side
  • We have cake
  • and cookies
  • We have cooler outfits
  • The Dark Side will win
  • Farewell, fools!
  • Are you still here?
  • Is there any reason you're still here?
  • I have no further use for you
  • I have no further use for this conversation
  • This conversation is at an end
  • There is no further need for you to speak
  • I've gotten all I need from you
  • Thank you, that is all
  • Be gone!
  • I tire of the sight of you
  • Your presence bores me
  • Why are you still annoying me?
  • I'm off to crush the Rebellion
  • The Rebellion is not going to crush itself
  • I have a Death Star to activate
  • I have Jedi to defeat


In-game Sprites


  • His name comes from German, and means "army bright" (Heriberht).[7]
  • He used to be on the Club Penguin homepage after the August update in 2011, but has been removed due to the fact he was in hibernation at that time. He was later added again to the mainpage for a short time before being removed again.
  • Herbert has made appearances in multiple Club Penguin Animated Shorts and Videos, including Rock-a-bye Herbert, Best Seat in the House, Puffle Trouble, The Party Starts Now!, and Ghosts Just Wanna Dance.
  • If you click on his player card, for a split second it may show him as an aqua penguin with no clothes.
  • He has appeared in the Halloween Party 2013 trailer with plans for Operation: Puffle.
  • According to his Twitter, he had a neighbor named Dave, which may be a reference to his voice actor, Dave B. Mitchell.
  • Oddly enough, in the EPF files,[8] there is a photo of Herbert holding up a picture of one of the Frozen Party rooms,[9] instead of a picture of The Director[10], though Herbert did not show up during the Frozen Party.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Herbert Percival Bear
French Herbert P. Bear
Spanish Herbert
German Herbert
Russian Герберт

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Herbert P. Bear Sightings

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