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Wikicode is the scripting language used to create the pages on the Club Penguin Wiki. It can be tricky to learn at first, so this page is to help you understand how it works.

Use it as needed, according to the manual of style. Unnecessary formatting bloats a page and reduces readability.


Note that some HTML tags can be used. However, whenever possible, use the wikicode, as it's simpler to use.

Coding What it does Example How it shows up
''' ''' Makes text bold '''Text''' Text
'' '' Makes text italicized ''Text'' Text
<u></u> Underlines text <u>Text</u> Text
<s></s> Strikes out text <s>Text</s> Text
[[ ]] Adds an internal wiki link [[Club Penguin]]
[[Club Penguin|CP]]
Club Penguin
[ ] Adds an external wiki link []
[ Club Penguin]
Club Penguin
* Unordered list *Line1
  • Line1
  • Line2
# Ordered list #Line1
  1. Line1
  2. Line2
Lines prefixed by a space Monospace

 Hello world!

Hello world!

Notes: For listing, the * and # must be the first character of a fresh line.


Templates maybe used by typing {{TemplateName}}. Some templates may have parameters that need to be filled in. To fill in parameters, set up the template like this: {{TemplateName|parametername=entertexthere}}. Please see individual template pages and/or their documentation for more information.


For more properties under the style parameter, see the next section 'CSS "Style"'.


All tables begin with {| and ends with |}. To separate a row into columns, use |. To start a new row, use |-. Headers can also be inserted by using an exclamation mark instead of |. A common table design is the wikitable class, which gives the tables a 'wiki' feel. See the sample table below as an example:

1 2 3

CSS "Style"[edit]

To embed style, you can use the <div> and <span> tags with a style="" attribute. <div> creates a box that can be styled, while <span> doesn't create anything on its own. You can put CSS in the style attribute, but you should be careful to make sure it is non-disruptive and readable.

You can also use <b> to bold the text. It can also give out the style="" attribute.

Interwiki links[edit]

Interwiki links work like normal links, except their target is prefixed. For example:

[[www:pagename|pagename]] links to the specified article here.
[[pt:pagename|pagename]] links to the specified article on the Portuguese Club Penguin Wiki.
[[fanon:pagename|pagename]] links to the specified article on the Club Penguin Fanon Wiki.
[[archives:pagename|pagename]] links to the specified article on the Club Penguin Archives Wiki.
[[shops:pagename|pagename]] links to the specified article on the Club Penguin Shops Wiki.
[[wikipedia:pagename|pagename]] links to the specified article on Wikipedia.