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This page is designed to show rollbacks how to use the rollback tool properly.

Using rollback

If you are a rollback, you will notice that when you view the Recent Changes, the most recent revision of a page will have the "[Rollback]" button. This button can also be found on page histories (as "Rollback X edit(s)"). Pressing this button will immediately undo all edits made by the most recent contributor to the last version by a different contributor.

When to use rollback

The Rollback button is not a substitute for the standard Undo button. It should only be used in clear cases of vandalism, spam, or other bad faith edits. If you disagree with an edit that was made in good faith, use the undo button as you normally would and explain why you disagree with them in the edit summary.

The rollback tool should never be used to engage in an edit war.

Losing rollback

Please keep in mind that the rollback tool is a supplemental tool meant to be used in fighting vandalism. Using the rollback tool to engage in edit wars or frequently rollbacking good faith edits without explanation may result in loss of the rollback right. Administrators who severely misuse their included rollback right may lose their Administrator rights.


  • The Club Penguin Wiki has a bot on its IRC channel. It is a good idea to be on our channel whenever you're online as any large removals/additions will be caught and reported to the channel.
  • When undoing a good faith edit, leave a message on the editor's talk page notifying them that you have undone their edit because the information was false/speculation, etc.
  • When rollbacking a vandal, leave a warning on the vandal's talk page by inserting {{Warning|name of article}}. If the vandal already has an existing warning on their page, report them to an administrator.