Hector the Director

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Full Name Hector the Director
Species Penguin
Position Stage Director
Appeared All of the plays
Color Red
Clothing Director's Hat
Related To Unknown
Friends With Helga
Meetable Character? No

This article is about the stage director. For the EPF director, see Aunt Arctic.

Hector the Director (or Stage Director) is a character in every play at the Stage who is supposed to direct all the actors and actresses, by telling them what to say and do. They also can stop or start the play whenever they want, and direct rehearsals. Their costume is usually the Red color and Director's Hat. In the "Haunting of the Viking Opera" play, the Director has a background role. His name is proven to be Hector the Director in the "Haunting of the Viking Opera" play. It is possible to imitate him because his hat is buyable in every catolog.

A penguin wearing the Hector the Director costume.

Book Appearances[edit]

Hector appears in The Official Stage Playbook. He gives you extra information about The Stage and its plays.


  • "Places please!"
  • "And... action!"
  • "Let's take it from the top!"
  • "Bravo! Fantastic acting!"


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