The Haunting of the Viking Opera

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Haunting of Viking Opera
Viking opera1.png
Storyline Helga is singing at a concert, when she hears a ghost. She gets too scared to sing.
Premiere May 7, 2009
Characters Helga
Hector the Director
Music Haunting of Viking Opera Music
Background Viking Background

Helga with The Keeper of the Stage.

The Haunting of the Viking Opera is a spoof of the famous play, The Phantom of the Opera, except it has Viking penguins in the cast. It returned in February 2011 with a new pin.


It starts out with two penguins named Hector and Helga. Hector, the director want Helga to sing her solo, but Helga refuses to sing because she's afraid a ghost is haunting. Hector tries to snap her out of it and wants her to sing. Helga then sings, but an eerie moan fills the stage. It wasn't Helga- the two think it was a ghost! Helga sings a high note, which buries the ghost in an avalanche. It turns out it was only the costume designer, Moneek. He tangled himself in there accidentally. There was no ghost after all!

The Script[edit]

  • Hector: Alright everyone, it's time for Helga's solo. From the top!
  • Helga: NO! NO! A bajillion times NO! I will not sing!
  • Hector: Come on Helga! Your solo's the most important part of the play!
  • Helga: NO! As long as the ghost is ghosting, I will not sing!
  • Hector: Helga, please! There's no such thing as ghosts!
  • Bailey: Now now, miss 'egla, nothin' to worry about. I'm 'ere now.
  • Helga: Oh, but what if the ghost throws a tomato or something?
  • Bailey: No worries. I'll 'appily take a tomato for you any day.
  • Helga: Well...Alright. I'll do it. I'll sing.
  • Hector: Wonderful! Alright everyone, places, places!

(Everyone takes in their places.)

  • Hector: All right, from the top. One... Two... Three... Action!
  • Ghost: OOOooooOOOOooooooOOOOoooOOO!!!!!
  • Bailey: Yikes! That doesn't sound right...
  • Helga: It's not me! IT'S THE GHOST!
  • Ghost: OOOOooooOOOOOooOOOoooOOOO!!!!
  • Hector: Oh my goodness! The ghost is real?!
  • Helga: Don't just stand there, do something!
  • Bailey: Well, I ain't afraid of no ghost! Let me 'andle this!
  • Bailey: You there! You're under arrest! Haunting is against the law!

(Ghost begins to glow.)

  • Ghost: OOOOoooOOOooOOOoOO!!!
  • Bailey: On second thought, maybe I'll let you off with a warning...
  • Hector: Maybe if we ask nicely, it'll go haunt the mine or something...
  • Helga: Oh fiddle sticks! I've had enough! Shoo, ghost, shoo!
  • Ghost: OOOOOooooOOOOOooooOOO!!!
  • Helga: Hmph! You call that a G flat? I'LL show you a G flat...
  • Ghost: OOOOoooOOOOooOOOO!!!
  • Hector: WHAAAAT?!!

(There's a rumble and suddenly...) (...a giant avalanche buries the ghost.)

  • Helga: Now THAT'S how you sing an opera.
  • Hector: I guess it's not over until the hat lady sings!
  • Bailey: Alright, now let's see who's really behind the ghost!

(Bailey removes the Ghost's costume)

  • Hector: Why it's Moneek, our costume designer!
  • Moneek: Whoa, my head... What's going on here?
  • Hector: What were you doing in that sheet?
  • Moneek: Sorry, I got tangled in that sheet with my flashlight.
  • Helga: Then why were you yelling 'OOOOooooOOOO!!!'
  • Moneek: Oh, it was too bright. It was hurting my eyes.
  • Bailey: Well, I'm glad we got all that cleared up!
  • Helga: And I finally got a chance to practice my solo!
  • Hector: Good show everyone. Let's take it from the top!


Exhibition history[edit]

Start End
May 7, 2009 June 12, 2009
February 24, 2011 March 27, 2011
July 11, 2013 August 14, 2013
August 6, 2014 September 3, 2014