Halloween Party 2013

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Halloween Party 2013
Halloween Party 2013 logo.
Members only No
When October 16, 2013 - November 1, 2013
Free Item(s)

Wrapper Head, Rookie's Halloween Giveaway

Pumpkin Lid
Catalog(s) Candy Hunt Catalog
Mascot(s) Rookie
Where Club Penguin Island
Preceded by
Medieval Party 2013
Succeeded by
8th Anniversary Party

The Halloween Party 2013 was a party on Club Penguin. It was Club Penguin's ninth annual Halloween Party. It started on October 16, 2013 and ended on November 1, 2013. Members were able to transform in three types of monsters: zombies, vampires and werewolves. To transform into a monster, it was necessary to find cursed candies on the Trick Or Treat Pumpkins around the island. Igloos with this pumpkin were on the Trick-or-Treat Igloos list.


The party was confirmed in the 14th issue of the Brazilian Club Penguin Magazine. On September 30, Polo Field revealed three sneak peeks for the month that was coming (October) on the What's New Blog[1]. On October 2, Club Penguin revealed on its Twitter account that Rookie will be visiting the island during the party[2]. On October 3, some aspects of the part were revealed on the homepage, login and exit screens and on the video trailer of the party. On the same week, the Game ON TV commercial was aired with many new informations about the transformations and the rooms. On October 16, Polo Field answered some questions on the Blog and he revealed that, this year, any of the old quests/ Haunted mansion/ Ghostmatron won't return[3]. On the same day, he posted a video that revealed how the zombies will be in-game[4].

In-game development[edit]

On October 3, it was revealed on the issue #415 of the Club Penguin Times that Rookie will prepare the Halloween Party because Gary is taking a break. He ordered a ton of candies to Spectral Sweets but he discovered that some candies were cursed and members who eat these candies could turn into vampires, werewolves and zombies. He thinks the candies were such a good deal because they are cursed.

Free items[edit]

A total of 19 free items were made available for this party. Items marked with a badge (Memberbadge.png) indicate that the item can only be obtained by members. Items marked with a piece of candy (HP2013Emote3.png) indicate that the item needed to be purchased with Halloween Candy.


Party Pictures[edit]

Sneak Peeks[edit]

Login and Exit Screens[edit]