Halloween Party 2008

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Halloween Party 2008
Halloween 2008 Town.PNG
The Town during the Halloween Party 2008
Members only No
When October 28, 2008 - November 2, 2008
Free Item(s)

Pumpkin Basket, Gary Background, Giant Pumpkin Background

Catalog(s) None
Mascot(s) Gary the Gadget Guy
Where Everywhere
Preceded by
3rd Anniversary Party
Succeeded by
Christmas Party 2008

The Halloween Party 2008 was a party in October 2008. The Party room was the Secret Lab, and was only available to Members who bought the Rad Scientist costume in the Penguin Style Catalog. Gary the Gadget Guy made appearances for the first time during the party in the Secret Lab. To get into the Secret Lab, you had to have the Rad Scientist costume, then go into the Book Room and click on the glowing green candle. This would make the part of the shelf under it open up to reveal the stairs leading down into the Lab. A Storm occurred during the party, causing damage to The Dojo.

The enterance to the Secret Lab.

Free items[edit]

Image Item Location Members only?
Pumpkin Basket.PNG Pumpkin Basket Snow Forts No
GiantPumpkinBackgroundIcon.PNG Giant Pumpkin Background Halloween Candy Hunt 2008 No
GaryBackground1stCard.PNG Gary Background Obtained by meeting Gary the Gadget Guy No
Lantern.PNG Lantern Secret Laboratory Yes

Halloween Candy Hunt[edit]

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  • The sky in your igloo was turned to night time for this party.
    An example of an igloo with the dark sky behind it at the Halloween Party 08.
  • This is the first party to have a stormy sky.


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