Halloween Party 2005

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Halloween Party 2005
The Town during the party.
Members only No
When October 26, 2005
Free Item(s) None
Catalog(s) None
Mascot(s) None
Where Town, Night Club
Preceded by
Beta Test Party
Succeeded by
Christmas Party 2005

The Halloween Party 2005 was Club Penguin's second party, and Club Penguin's first annual Halloween Party. It started immediately after the launch, on October 26, 2005[1]


Soon after the Beta Test Party ended, Club Penguin decided that they would have an annual Halloween Party. And since it was almost Halloween at the time, Club Penguin threw its first Halloween Party. Not much was decorated, except that there were orange lights at the Night Club instead of the white ones, and there were a few cobwebs around.

Some of the original decorations from that party (like a spider hanging from a thread and a penguin-skeleton wall decoration) have shown up in some way in every single Club Penguin Halloween Party.



  • This is the only Halloween Party that does not have any free items.
  • This is the only Halloween Party with no dark sky.
  • According to Billybob, there were 25 decorations added to the island during the party. [2]

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