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The logo used for the majority of Halloween Parties.

Halloween Parties are annual Club Penguin parties that take place at the end of October. The first official party in Club Penguin was a Halloween Party, and naturally, had very little decoration.

Halloween "Culture"[edit]

The Halloween Parties are famous for certain things, as are many other parties (such as the Holiday Parties).


Similar to real life Halloween celebrations, penguins can dress up in scary or classical Halloween styled costumes from the Penguin Style. Some of the most well known Club Penguin Halloween costumes are the Ghost Costume, Skeleton, Insect related (Bee, Ladybug, etc.), and the various collection of princess costumes. Penguins can also be seen dressed up as mummies, ninjas, or their own mix of costume pieces to look totally unique!

Night of the Living Sled[edit]

The Night of the Living Sled series is a group of halloween themed videos that parody the real-life novel "Frankenstein"; The name also parodies the movie "Night of the Living Dead". The most recent of these short films (Night of the Living Sled 3) was released in 2009, and there hasn't been another released since. Starting in 2013, the Night Of The Living Sled movies were shown at the Lighthouse as a whole.


During Halloween parties, two puffle species have been discovered. The Yellow Puffle could be seen in the Forest during the Halloween Party 2007. More recently, the Puffle Bat was first seen during the Halloween Party 2012.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Festa de Halloween
French Fête d'Halloween
Spanish Fiesta de Noche de Brujas
German Halloween-Party
Russian Хеллоуин


  • The Halloween Party is one of two parties that was celebrated every year since Club Penguin started. The other is the Holiday Party.