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This article is about the channel that was formerly next to the n. For other noggins, see noggin (disambiguation).

New HQ command.PNG
Where Next to the n; only preschoolers can watch.
Opened 1999
Closed 2009
Mini-Games PSA Secret Missions, Mancala (formerly)
ID 803
Tour Description
"This room... is top secret, I can not tell you what goes on in here. Oh, wait we are all agents here. This room is the Agents Headquarters. You can get here through the Sports Shop. Or, you can just use your spy phone. Click on a TV to go somewhere."
The HQ (also known as P.S.A. Headquarters) was a room in Club Penguin that could only be accessed only by Secret Agents. In the HQ, players could easily access any of the rooms featured on the I.S.E.E.U. and play PSA Secret Missions. The HQ also had a small catalog, The F.I.S.H, which contained information about the Penguin Secret Agency and sold agent items. In PSA Secret Missions, agents could access the Gadget Room through the back of the HQ. Although the HQ was removed, a recreation of the HQ and some of its history became available through the VR Room.


When the PSA Headquarters was first constructed, it was only a small, empty room with a single Mancala station which was eventually removed. Penguins helped expand it into a larger room full of monitors watching over the island. At this time, board on the right side of the room featured any recent player bans in the last week. This was eventually removed as the room was developed upon.

When PSA Secret Missions arrived, the board was changed to feature mission-related updates. As more rooms were added to Club Penguin, more monitors were also added to commemorate their additions.

Around November 2008, a cabinet with secret access to the Command Room was added beside the notice board. On May 18, 2010, the HQ was destroyed by a Popcorn Bomb and the Penguin Secret Agency was disbanded in favor of transferring over to the Elite Penguin Force.

Tour Descriptions[edit]

Event Description
Popcorn Explosion Whoa! What happened in here? It looks like a popcorn tornado hit the HQ, I think we should report in immediately!



  • Until around a year after the Popcorn Explosion, a special login link could've been used to get in the destroyed HQ. However, the link became dysfunctional after the room file was deleted in May 2011.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese QG
French QG
Spanish Oficina Central
German QG
Russian N/A