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Guitars are a type of Club Penguin's many musical instruments. There are four kinds of guitars; Electric, Bass, Acoustic, and Double Neck guitars. If you wear only the guitar and nothing else, you'll play the guitar.

Club Penguin Guitars[edit]

Acoustic Guitars[edit]

The acoustic guitar is a hand item that you can buy in the Penguin Style catalog. If you wear nothing except the guitar you will start to play it. There's another version of it, the Sunburst Acoustic Guitar. Both versions were available in the July 2010 Music Jam catalog.

Electric Guitars[edit]

The electric guitars are almost the same as an acoustic guitar, except they are different shapes. Electric guitars come in four colours: red, pink, black, and blue. If you wear nothing but an electric guitar, you will start to play it (also works with the Marching Band Hat). A black electric guitar is currently available in The Treasure Book. There was a green doubled headed guitar that was sold in the Music Jam 2009 Music Catalog.

  • The guitars are based on Gibson Flying V's.

Bass Guitars[edit]

Bass guitars come in two colors: blue and purple. The Blue Electric Bass was first released during the Music Jam 2008. During the Music Jam 2010, the Purple Electric Bass was released. If you wear nothing but a bass guitar or a bass guitar and a shirt from the Shirts Rock Catalog (but not the free Music Jam T-Shirt) and dance, you will start to play it.

Double Neck Guitars[edit]

Double Neck Guitars come in a green or orange color and have two necks. If you wear nothing while wearing a double necked guitar, you'll play it. The green version was released for the Music Jam 2009 in the Music Catalog. The orange version was released on the Music Jam 2010 in the Music Catalog.


  • Franky from the Club Penguin Band used to play an Acoustic Guitar.
  • Stompin' Bob plays a Red Electric Bass.
  • The black, red, pink, and blue electric guitars look like Gibson's Flying V guitars.
  • The lute is a Medieval form of Guitar.


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