Guardian Dog

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Guardian Dog
Guardian Dog.PNG
Full Name Guardian Dog
Species Penguin
Position Actor
Appeared Secrets of the Bamboo Forest
Color Orange
Clothing Guardian Dog Costume
Guardian Dog Hat
Guardian Dog Feet
Guardian Dog Muzzle
Related To Unknown
Friends With Phoenix Queen
Monkey King
Funny Pig
Meetable Character? No

The Guardian Dog is a character involved in the play Secrets of the Bamboo Forest. He is a guard dog that guards the castle, and only lets penguins who have the Feather Pin, Golden Feather Pin or the Enchanted Feather Pin in. He is also Phoenix Queen's guard. When he waves, he becomes a statue.

The Guardian Dog in Stage.


A loyal guard to the Phoenix Queen and when he waves, he becomes a statue!


  • He appeared in a sketch for the What's New Blog as a sneak peek. When the sketch was shown, some penguins thought he was a lion.

Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Cão de Guarda
French Chien Gardien
Spanish Perro Guardián
German Hütehund
Russian Сторожевой пес

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