Gold Puffle

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Gold Puffle
Puffle 2014 Transformation Player Card Golden.png
Available Yes
Attitude Lucky, energetic
Member only Yes
Favorite toys Gold Jackhammer
Favorite food Chocolate Coin
Play action With the Gold Jackhammer
Dance Spin in the air
Speed Unknown
Special features Can dig for rare items on Puffle Digging
Elite Puffle Items None
Favorite Games None
ID 11[1]
Color Scheme
body tongue

The Gold Puffle is a Puffle discovered in Club Penguin. It resembles a shinier version of a Yellow Puffle, a puffle-shaped chocolate in a golden wrapper, or a golden statue of a puffle. It was confirmed to be real in November 2013 and was able to be adopted starting November 14th. It is the second puffle to be discovered during 2013, the first being the Rainbow Puffle. It can find exclusive items in Puffle Digging[2]. Members can adopt it in the Gold Mine after finding 15 gold nuggets. On the mobile version of the game, all players could adopt it in the 10th Anniversary Giveaways during the 10th Anniversary Party.

Like Blue Puffles, Brown Puffles, White Puffles, Orange Puffles, Rainbow Puffles, and Puffle Creatures, they currently can't join penguins in any mini-games.


After the Medieval Party 2013, Gary gave PH the seeds of Gold O'Berries that were used to prepare the potions. PH planted the seeds and a bush of Gold O'Berries sprouted. When her puffle, Pete, ate one O'Berry, she discovered that these Gold O'Berries increase the puffle's capacity to find treasures on Puffle Digging. She thought that this case is could be related to the Gold Puffles. On November 6, the Cave Mine collapsed and pages from Garianna were found after cave in. These pages were similar to the Puffle Handbook because they are a kind of guide of the Gold Puffle, with his interests and tips how to care it. A week later, on November 13, the Gold Mine opened and a machine with the bush of Gold O'Berries was installed on the Pet Shop. With Gold O'Berries, the member's puffles have the hability to find golden nuggets. It's necessary 15 golden nuggets to adopt a Gold Puffle.


Puffle Item Compatibilities[edit]

Item Dislikes Okay Loves
O-Berry - -
Cookie - -
Bubble Gum - -
Carrots - -
Pizza - -
Cake - -
Cheese - -
Apple - -
Walk ? ? ?
Bath - -
Brush - -
Rest - -
Blue Earmuffs - -
Candy Cane Cap - -
Crown - -
Gear Hat - -
Headphones - -
Jester Hat - -
Mini Squid Lid - -
Pink Bow - -
Pirate Hat - -
Princess Cap - -
Sombrero (Puffle Hat) - -
Tiara (Puffle Hat) - -
All-Star Curls ? ? ?
Disco Dome ? ? ?
Franken Hat ? ? ?
Gold Viking Helmet ? ? ?
Heavy Metal Hair ? ? ?
Jingle Jangle Hat ? ? ?
Jolly Roger Bandanna ? ? ?
Night Cap ? ? ?
Pharaoh Hat ? ? ?
Princess Braid ? ? ?
Sherwood Hat ? ? ?
Snowflake Helmet ? ? ?
Sundae Swirl ? ? ?
Surf Swoop ? ? ?
The Big Bang ? ? ?
The Overgrown ? ? ?
The Rad Scientist ? ? ?
The Scene-Stealer ? ? ?
Top Hat ? ? ?
Knight Helmet ? ? ?
Shock of Hair ? ? ?
Turquoise Toque ? ? ?
Mini Polka Dot Puffle Hat ? ? ?


Gold Puffle in-game[edit]





They were playable in Puffle Launch and Pufflescape for some time after their release. If used in either of these games, it would take the appearance of a Red Puffle (Puffle Launch) or a White Puffle (Pufflescape). This glitch has been fixed and Gold Puffles no longer can be used in either of these games.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Puffle Dourado
French Puffle d’or
Spanish Puffle dorado
German Goldener Puffle
Russian N/A


Puffle Park[edit]

Puffle Hotel[edit]




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