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Full Name Glitterpants
Species Yellow Unicorn Puffle
Position Singer
Appeared Awesome to be Rare
Club Penguin Times
SoundStudio Party
Color Yellow
Clothing None
Related To None
Friends With Puffle Creatures from Puffle Wild
Meetable Character? No

Glitterpants is a famous Yellow Unicorn Puffle. He made his first public appearance in the music clip “Awesome to be Rare”, where he sings. He also appeared in the issue #476 of the Club Penguin Times. As he is rare, he’s very vain and conceited and likes to have an audience. During the SoundStudio Party, he was one of the guests in Play For DJ Cadence.



  • He is the only famous Puffle Creature from the Puffle Wild app.
  • What makes him unique are his eyelashes, which are different from other Yellow Unicorn Puffles.
  • As can be seen in the music video, it's hard to take a picture of him.
  • His horn is stronger than steel and can even break anvils.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Brilhoso
French N/A
Spanish N/A
German N/A
Russian Блестëнка