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List of glitches

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This page is a list of glitches found on Club Penguin.


List of Glitches

Stage Music Errors

Oftentimes, the music in the Stage will be replaced with music usually from another play, but occasionally it will be a song that wasn't from a play.

In Half Igloo Unavailable

The In Half Igloo was not purchasable a few days prior to the start of the Medieval Party 2011. It could still be used for users who previously bought it and had it in their inventory.

This glitch is now fixed.

Penguin Ghost

  1. First, put on the Ninja Outfit. The Cloud Wave Bracers are not required.
  2. Then, hold down T and throw snowballs counterclockwise around your body.
  3. Sometimes you will see your penguin without the suit.

This glitch can be seen by everyone but you.

Flying Clothes

  1. First, dance.
  2. Then, put something on.
  3. The clothes will seem to fly.
EDIT: This glitch can be seen by everyone but you.

Snowball Glitch

  1. Go to the game Paint By Letters
  2. Press the T key
  3. Click on the book

You will then see the snowball target.

This glitch no longer works with the removal of Paint By Letters.

This glitch is now fixed.

Hearing Instruments without playing them

  1. Play an instrument in the Lighthouse.
  2. While you're playing it, read the newspaper.
  3. Exit the newspaper.
  4. You'll hear the instrument but you won't be playing it.

Hearing Instruments without playing them #2

  1. Play any instrument at the Lighthouse.
  2. Press "S" or do the "SIT" action
  3. Then you'll be hearing the instrument but nobody (or you) is playing it.
This glitch is now fixed.

Walk On Paths

  1. Go to the Mountain and click on one of the sled runs.
  2. While your penguin is walking there, pull out your map.
  3. When the background changes and the sled starts going downhill, click on the Town.
  4. When the Town is loading, rapidly press enter.
  5. Your penguin will go there as normal, to walk on the paths now, just hold down enter while walking into another room and you will just stand on the paths.

Walking On Walls

NOTE:This requires zoom in from Internet Explorer 7-8.

  1. Go to any room on Club Penguin and walk to the right corner.
  2. Now use the zoom (on the far right corner) and zoom in till about a quarter of Club Penguin is white. When it's white all you see are penguins' names.
  3. Now, click anywhere in the white, then zoom out.
  4. Your penguin should be on the wall, you will either need to leave the room or zoom in again to move.

Walk On Doors

  1. Walk towards a door.
  2. Before reaching the door, open Penguin Mail.
  3. Wait five seconds, then close Penguin Mail.
  4. Your penguin should be on top of a door which would normally bring you to another room, but it doesn't because of the glitch. Also, if you walk to another place on the door, it will teleport you to the connecting room. Walking off the door will not teleport you.

Aqua Grabber Bubbles

  1. Play Aqua Grabber.
  2. Find one of places where you can get air underwater.
  3. Slam against the wall next to it while going up at the same time.
  4. You should find your ship still using bubbles to move while in the air.

Box in house

Just as you step on to the platform for the Jet Pack Adventure game, go to your igloo. When your igloo is loaded, you will have the box asking if you want to play the game. This also works with other games, such as Hydro Hopper.

No Name Glitch

  1. Go to your Igloo.
  2. Place a Portal Box in your Igloo.
  3. Click on the portal box and quickly click on the measuring tape and your penguin will be in the Box Dimension with no name.

NOTE: This works in every room once you have done the glitch, to stop the glitch you need to either play a game, log off or open and close the measuring tape again.

Have a friend in your ignore list

  1. Ask someone to be your buddy.
  2. Before they add you put them on your ignore list.
  3. If they add you, check your ignore list.
  4. There should be a happy face or a logged off face.

Throw a snowball in Sled Racing

  1. Go to the Ski Hill.
  2. Click play to any Sled Racing course.
  3. Click the snowball button.
  4. When someone joins your sled race you should have the throw snowball icon in your game.
  5. To get rid of your snowball icon click somewhere to throw it when your playing.
  6. When you throw the snowball in Sled Racing it sometimes shows up when you finish the game after your back at the Ski Hill. This part of the glitch was fixed by Club Penguin.

Switching Sled Racers

Go to a sled race, then while you're waiting, press Penguin Mail and exit. Try to join another sled race, you can't. When enough people get on the sled race you're waiting for, the players will switch to two people.

Stamp Book glitches

There was a glitch where Puffle Rescue had stamps. There were no icons and when clicked the stamps wouldn't load up. They were most likely released too early and then removed by the team.

This glitch is now fixed.

White-colored penguins

The white penguin glitch.

1. Go to your stamp book.

2. Go to a section where you completed one or more stamps (If you have one or more stamps on all sections, choose what you want).

3. Look at the pictures while loading, you can see the penguin is in white! The loading pictures are seen very often and are changing to what seems your current color. Lasting long is extremely rare.

Note: If you are wearing Arctic White the white penguin will stay white.

Stamp Book Glitch

1. Go to your Stamp Book.

2. Go through the Stamp Book very fast and stop on the Puffle Rescue page. Note this only works for people who do not have the second photo in Puffle Rescue.

3. The second Thin Ice picture will be there if you have it. This works with other pages as well, like empty Game Day section with P.S.A. (Penguin Secret Agency) missions.

Head item only and dancing glitch

  1. Put on any head item.
  2. Remove all other items (pin/background can stay).
  3. Dance
  4. The head item will be moving on its own and not with your penguin.

Timer Glitch

  1. Turn on the timer through the Parent Account.
  2. Log on to Club Penguin whenever a Scavenger Hunt is going on (within your allowed time if one was put up).
  3. The scavenger hunt button will be on top of timer. Good luck trying to guess how much time you have left.

Moonwalking Glitch

  1. Go to the Plaza or any other room.
  2. Walk to the bottom right corner of the screen
  3. Click on the newspaper and on the left exit of the Plaza
  4. As soon as the newspaper loads, click the "X" to exit the newspaper
  5. You are now moon walking.
This glitch is now fixed.

Popcorn Tray Dance Glitch

NOTE: You must be a member to do this

  1. Get rid all of your clothes
  2. Put on the Popcorn Tray
  3. Dance
  4. You will do the Commander Suit dance. The Popcorn Tray will float, and you will still serve popcorn but it will be floating.

Puffle items disappearing

After the Puffle Party 2011 ended, the Blue Puffle Hat and the Striped Puffle Jacket disappeared from the inventory.

This glitch is now fixed.

Puffle Rescue glitch

  • Go and play any of the 3 levels of Puffle Rescue.
  • Exit the game, when you click the X you will sometimes be teleported back to your igloo or to one of your buddies igloo.

Note: You will only teleport to a Buddy's Igloo if a Buddy is online.

Old Coin Glitch

1. Go to the Coffee Shop.

2. Walk to the Java Bag, but 1 second before the "Do you want to play Bean Counters?" box pop ups, go to your igloo.

3. If you made it right, that box will show in the igloo. Click "Yes".

4. Try to play the best you can.

5. If you lose, click "Ok" and the "X" multiple times. If you won, keep left clicking "Ok".

6. When you think you've won enough coins, refresh the page and log in.

7. Have fun with your coins!

WARNING: This glitch was fixed. If attempted by any penguin, Club Penguin will remove you from the server (not ban you).

Mysteriously Undefined Tour

Wear a Tour Guide hat and do a tour in an igloo. The tour will say "undefined".

EDIT: Now, if you give a tour of an igloo, it doesn't give a description.

Old Walking on Walls

  1. Go to the Mountain and click on one of the sled runs.
  2. While your penguin is walking there, pull out your map.
  3. When the background changes and the sled starts going downhill, click on the Town.
  4. When the Town is loading, rapidly press W.
  5. Your penguin will walk up to the top left corner of the screen. You can travel to other locations afterward, most of which you can just press W again in to walk into the sky.
This glitch is now fixed.

Walk on the Lighthouse Walls

You can walk on the walls at the Lighthouse. First, you go behind the fish cooler, then click on the door, then quickly click on one of the pictures at the top of the stairs.

This glitch is now fixed.

Edit Someone Else's Igloo

First, go to your igloo, click on edit, and use your buddy list to go to another igloo, you should be able to move their Furniture around. This does not appear on other player's screens, only on the person who is changing their buddy's igloo.

To now get it to be that your buddy tab is open whilst editing your igloo is to open it first then open editing.

The Green Commander

Just say something that begins with "green commander", i.e. 'green commander just ate ten pizzas', and your text will jump around if you walk around. This also used to work with "I Saw A Monster In A Box" And "I Saw A Monster Eat ______"

WARNING: These messages have been known to cause epileptic seizures in vulnerable individuals as well as damage some computers. Club Penguin has actually been sued at least once by parents whose children had an epileptic seizure. This glitch has now thankfully been removed.

Sled on Bunny Hill With 4 People

Go to the Mountain, go on Ridge Run, you need to press yes twice, if you done it right, the box will still be there, if not, you didn't press it twice, immediately head of to the Bunny Hill area, go there, say yes to playing it, and when the 3 other spaces are taken, you are playing it with 4 other penguin, note that since other penguins are on the ridge run, you can't have 4 penguins viewing the bunny hill track at once, if you want to do it with other tracks (2 Penguins on Ridge Run etc.) just follow the instructions still but remember that the amount of penguins depend on which track first chosen (Express/Bunny Hill = 2 Penguins, Ridge Run = 4 Penguins, Penguin Run = 3 Penguins).

This glitch is now fixed.

Giant Bracelet

Giant Bracelet
Giant Key.

Go to the upstairs room of the Coffee Shop. Then, go the farthest away from the stairs as you can. Next click on the stairs, then, as fast as you can, click on the Captain Rockhopper Book (The blue one) and go to the last page. Click on the bracelet, but don't click yes or no or x, and wait. You will return to the downstairs of the Coffee Shop and there will be a giant bracelet. The only way to get rid of it is to log out. This is also possible with Rockhopper's Key.

This bug is now fixed.

Old Nubbing

Nubbing was a famous Glitch in Club Penguin. It was discovered long ago. Here are the instructions for it:

  1. Go to [ Club Penguin Full Screen Mode].
  2. Move your penguin to the room of your choice.
  3. Then, press the F11 key on your keyboard.
  4. Underneath the Toolbar, click on the white space directly under it. If it is done successfully, your penguin should move under the toolbar and stand there, with only the top of it exposed. This is what is known as nubbing.
This bug is now fixed.
EDIT: Due to Load.swf unable By The Club Penguin Team.

Getting Rid Of Friend Requests

  1. Get a friend request (don't open it).
  2. Go in a long room.
  3. Pick an entrance to go in, and go as far as you can from it.
  4. Start walking to the entrance and while walking to the entrance, open up the player card.
  5. Make sure it is NOT some one you want to add, and don't press no.
  6. Once you leave the room, the friend request is gone.

You can repeat doing this.

This bug is now fixed.

Bypass Ultimate Safe Chat

  1. Go into a non-talking server
  2. Click on the ? In The lower right hand corner
  3. Un-check the Ultimate Safe Chat
  4. Go into another room & you can talk.
NOTE: No on else can see you talking unless they do this as well.

Please note that this wasn't a glitch and it does not work anymore

Blank Chat

  1. Click in the chat bar.
  2. Press the spacebar and then enter.
  3. You will get a blank chat bubble.
This bug is now fixed.

Lighthouse Glitch

  1. Go to Ski Lodge.
  2. Throw a bunch of snowballs in one place.
  3. Go to those snowballs.
  4. You should be in the Lighthouse.
This glitch is now fixed.

Buddy glitch

  1. Let send a buddy request to someone you want
  2. If they answer yes accidently then log off quick
  3. They delete you but you still have them on you list!
This bug is now fixed.

Making a Cake and a Pizza at the same time

  1. First put on your pizza chef hat and cake baker.
  2. Dance.

This glitch is now fixed.

Unknown Quitter

  1. Play Treasure Hunt
  2. Quit the game.
  3. The other player's screen will say "id:id_quit_game undefined"
  4. This would also work for you if the other person quit.
This glitch is now fixed.

Dancing Glitches

There were once an almost limitless series of dancing glitches where you could put on any piece of clothing, then exit out of the player editor, then reopen the editor and put on a new piece of clothing without taking off the other clothes and then dance and you would do both dances at once.

This bug is now fixed.

Missing Item

  1. Have an item.
  2. Sometimes the item will not appear correctly and will not be in your inventory.
  3. When you try to buy it, it says "Would you like to buy undefined for undefined coins?..."
This bug is now fixed.

Old Blue Glitch

  1. Put on the Green Hoodie.
  2. Dance.
  3. Your color would change to Old Blue!
This bug is now fixed.

Purple Hoodie Wave

  1. Put on a Purple Hoodie.
  2. Wave.
  3. You will wave, but the hoodie won't.
This bug is now fixed.

Igloo Contest Glitch

Starting on 14 October 2010. When Penguins went to their igloo and clicked the enter contest button it would say Enter the Holiday Igloo Contest December 18–20.

This bug is now fixed.

Talk with the newspaper

  1. Open the newspaper.
  2. Click on 'We Need You'.
  3. Click on any of the options.
  4. Leave it blank and submit it.
  5. Go to the front page.
  6. Press enter and you can talk.
NOTE: This glitch no longer works due to the new newspaper design.

Igloo Contest Glitch 2

When penguins went to their igloo and clicked the "enter contest" button, it would say, "Enter the Halloween Igloo Contest, October 15–17" (December 14, 2010)

This bug is now fixed.

Go to anyone's igloo that is locked and not your friend

  1. Click on your friend list
  2. When your on the friend list, click a friend that's offline.
  3. Now click on the "users in room" button to find the person whose igloo you want to enter.But don't click the users name yet!
  4. Tell a penguin (whose igloo isn't unlocked) to go to their igloo.
  5. On the users in room list, click the penguins name and click the home button.

You are now in the penguin's igloo!

This bug is now fixed.

Turn Night Club White

  1. Go to the night club with a trainer.
  2. Turn all penguins white.
  3. Now the night club will be white!

Note: This glitch was fixed.

This bug is now fixed.

Puffles missing bug

This bug happened a few days before the Medieval Party 2011

  1. Go to your igloo.
  2. Your puffles will be missing.
This bug is now fixed.

White Screen

  1. Go to any Room
  2. It most likely won't happen but it does sometimes.

When this bug happens, you will be able to walk on places where you wouldn't after, like walking on walls.

This glitch is now fixed.

Neck items glitch

On June 6, 2011, there was a glitch with Neck Items for saying "Hacked Neck Layer", and got the Player banned for 72 hours. This glitch is now fixed, and all the penguins that were banned have had the bans removed.

This glitch is now fixed.

Log In via Miniclip

If you play with Miniclip, go to: and log in. You see you are still playing with Miniclip.

Dance with puffles

If you walk your puffle and then dance anywhere the puffle can be seen dancing but after a couple of seconds disappears, hence being on your player card. If you go to another room it comes back again.

This glitch is now fixed.

Level 5 member

As of October 31, 2011, There is a glitch where every penguins card (Except your own if you're not a Level 5 Member) shows them as being a Level 5 member.

This glitch is now fixed.

Halloween Music Glitch

If you walk into the Pet Shop the indoor Halloween music is playing as of November 28, 2011.

This glitch is now fixed.

Time Glitch

This works only on the Holiday Party 2011. If you are in any room other than the Forest, go to the right bottom corner of your screen, click on your time, and change it to the 25th, then go to the Forest, then you can open all of the gifts!

This glitch is now fixed.
NOTE: This glitch no longer works due if you open the box, you see a message.

Thunder Blade Bug

Use the Thunder Blade, put a feet item and remove it. Wave and you will be Old Blue and make the Card-Jitsu action with a Grey Belt.

This glitch is now fixed.

NOTE: Fixed when the party ended.

High-pitched sound

Enter in a dragon cave at the Dragon's Path and you will hear a high-pitched sound. Same when the rock falls from the mountain.

This glitch is now fixed.

Buying the Friendship Braclet

Go to the book room and go to the last page of Rockhopper's Journal Make sure you already have the braclet and click on it. It will bring up the blue buying box. The picture will be a spinning white loading arrow and it will say, "Would you like to buy undentified for undentified coins?

This also happend with Rockhopper's Key.

This glitch is now fixed.

Add any Mascot on Club Penguin

Log into Club Penguin and choose any server. Right click outside of the flash and click the 'Inspect Elements' switch to the console tab, and then type Disney.Friends.API.addCharacter ("3"). This would add Cadence to your buddy list. To add other mascots, use the number below for the mascot you want to add. You must type this in yourself or else it will not work.

  • Rockhopper: 1
  • Aunt Arctic: 2
  • Cadence: 3
  • Gary: 4
  • Franky: 5
  • Petey K: 6
  • G Billy: 7
  • Stompin’ Bob: 8
  • Sensei: 9
  • Herbert: 10
  • Wheel Bot: 11
  • Jet Bot: 12
  • Snow Bot: 13
  • Protobot: 14
  • Dot: 15
  • Rookie: 16
  • Jet Pack Guy: 17
  • Director: 18
  • Happy77: 26
  • Billybob: 27
  • PH: 28
  • Rocky: 29
  • CeCe: 30

Add any penguin on Club Penguin

Note: this cheat is for Google Chrome. 1. Log into Club Penguin and click on your Buddy List.

2. Click the ≡ on the right top left corner in Google Chrome, press 'Tools' then press 'JavaScript console'

3. Type Disney.Friends.roster.acceptFriendship ("{CODE HERE}").

4. Replace "CODE HERE" with the penguin's ID, then press enter. To find the penguin's ID, search the penguin you want, add and then right click and select "Inspect Elements" and when you see the code < div id="D_F_AddFriendResults" style="display: block; "> click the triangle to the left of the code and click the triangle below it and then look for <input type="hidden" value="{Penguin Id will be here}"> and copy the penguin's ID.

Ghost Lab Dancing Glitch

1.Go in the Ghost Lab.

2.Wear an item that has a special move (Ex. Music Splatter Hat, Gravedigger Suit, Fire/Water Suit).

3.Go in the ghost machine.

4.Wave or dance according to which item you are wearing (Ex. Blue Water Wings=Dance, Cloud Wave Bracers=Wave) as Gariwald turns on the machine.

5.Have fun.

6.(Extra) Repeat multiple times with different items and see what happens!

Gary Player card and Buddy Request Glitch

When penguins met Gary during the Halloween Party 2012, they saw his regular Player Card instead of his Halloween Player Card, and when penguins sent a friend request they would not become friends with Gary.

Old Blue Glitch

Penguin doing this glitch

1. Put on the Ghost Catcher Uniform

2. Take off the Ghost Catcher Uniform

3. You are now Old Blue, you may not see it, but others penguins can see it. Wave before taking off the uniform to stay Old Blue. If you move, you will not be Old Blue anymore

EPF Spyphone Glitch

1. Access the EPF Phone.

2. Dismiss the message that says "Field-Ops are offline".

3. You will not be able to access any of the other features on the phone, including the Messages, Teleport, Field-Op, Agent Gear, or Call Flare apps.

NOTE: This glitch no longer works due to field ops being cancelled.

Mascot in your igloo glitch

This glitch will only work if you have a mascot as your buddy.

1. Go to your igloo.

2. Select your favorite mascot from the list, and pull up their player card. X out of the buddy list.

3. Open up you igloo editor and switch your igloo. X out of the editor.

4. The mascot should be standing in your igloo! Have fun with them.

Herbert Glitch

Note: Matches with the Mascot Glitch

1. Go to friend list

2. There if your friends with Herbert pull up his player card.

3. Edit your igloo

4. Herbert will appear but as a Penguin

Internet Explorer 11 Friends List

Internet Explorer 11 Friends List - Google Chrome & IE11 Comparison

Sometimes when you play Club Penguin on Internet Explorer 11, all penguins in the list appear blue until you scroll, also works for penguins you want to add. Please note, that on Google Chrome that you can't really add Billybob, when IE11 Allows you to enter & without doing anything.

Puffle Glitch

The Puffle Glich is a Glich that makes one of your Puffle be named the same as another one you have or had also if you check in Penguin Mail you will see no trace of the postcard they send you when adopting your Puffle you can only see the post card of the other Puffles

Steal Puffle Glitch

Coswan (User:Agent Isai 2) holding in his player card, Patrick Tea's (User:Penstubal) Puffle

The steal Puffle Glich is a Glich that can "make" you steal a puffle, but not really steal one. You can only see your "stolen" puffle in your player card.

Two Puffles Glitch


When your puffle goes inside either the Puffle Hotel Rooftop pool or Underground Pool, it jumps up and falls down and makes a splash. When you head to the water and your puffle finds something underground just in time when you enter the pool, your puffle will start digging for items, but a clone of your puffle would appear in the pool and jump up and down and make a splash.

Puffle On walls Glitch


The Puffle On Walls Glitch is a Glitch where Puffles appear on the walls

1. Change it to another Igloo and make sure all of them are in the front part of the house

2. Change your Igloo.

3. Your Puffles are now on the Walls.

Disappear a Puffle Glitch

Having Trouble Connecting

Having trouble connecting in the server list

This glitch makes you have trouble connecting messages in the server list.

1) Start logging in, but hold Enter

2) When holding Enter, go slowly down with your finger until you hold Shift

3) Hold it until you hold only Shift

4) After you get on the server list, you can normally interact with the server list, but in 5 seconds you get the Having trouble connecting message.

This glitch was tested in Google Chrome, so it might not work on Internet Explorer.

Stage Bug

When Prehistoric Party 2014 ended, Penguins that Time Forgot were the actual play on The Stage, but in Plaza it said Quest for the Golden Puffle

Puffle Paddle

Sometimes when you click done in the Puffle Paddle it starts the game again

Old Blue glitch #2

In the browser Mozilla Firefox (or in an old, slow Internet Explorer), if you were to play Card-Jitsu, and all the players joined, you and the players would turn Old Blue and the other penguins would go out of position. Note: This has only been done in Mozilla Firefox, so it is unknown if it works on new computers. If your computer is an old and slow Internet Explorer, it has a chance of working.

Jet Pack Adventure Launch Pad glitch

To start the game, you must click on a launch pad that says "Do you want to go on a Jet Pack Adventure?" and would block you from getting to the other side, but if players clicked "No" and clicked to the back of the pad, it would let them go to the back of the pad

Old Blue glitch #3

If you are in a crowded room in the Music Jam and your computer is an old and slow Internet Explorer, it may crash and some penguins will turn Old Blue.

NOTE: This glitch may not work in future Music Jams or newer computers, as this was discovered in Music Jam 2014.

Invisible Penguin

To make another penguin invisible, you only need to do this! Please note many penguins get confused that their buddy has gone, ect

1) After a penguin goes in a room, go in

2) Luckily, the penguin will be invisible near the door.

You need to walk as fast as the other player to do this, or he will already waddled.

Skateboarding Non-member

Some Non-members have experienced this, so to do this, you need to use the map and go to the Skatepark and if you are lucky enough, your penguin will land on a dark-green arrow (where you begin skating and the part where Members are looped to skate non-stop) and then you will be a skating Non-member without a skate-board! This is rare though, and if you move you will stop.