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Ideas:Clothes Shop

Clothes Shop
New Gift Shop.png
Where Beside the Night Club in the Town
Opened August 22, 2005 (Beta Testing)
Closed Still open.
Mini-Games None
ID 130
Tour Description
"This is our Clothes Shop. Check out the latest fashions... and show them off on the runway!"
The Clothes Shop (known as the Gift Shop from 2005 until November 2012) is one of the three buildings in the Town. Here, penguins can purchase clothes, colors, backgrounds and flags from the Penguin Style catalog. From this room, penguins also have access to the latest Treasure Book, however to access it you will be logged off of Club Penguin. Many penguins have been seen before working in the Clothes Shop, but it is unknown who exactly owns it.


Penguin Chat 3[edit]

The Gift Shop was available from the Town during Penguin Chat 3. However, rather than an actual room it sent players to a website where they could purchase real-life Penguin Chat merchandise.[1]

Gift Shop (2005-2012)[edit]

The Gift Shop (as a room) opened on August 22, 2005, the first day of Club Penguin Beta Testing. It remained open until October 24, 2005, when it was officially released along with Club Penguin. Prior to September 2007, the Gift Shop was similar to the Sport Shop in many ways.

In early 2007, the PSA Secret Mission Case of the Missing Coins was focused in the Gift Shop, where players had to find the coins that had been stolen from the Shop's vault. By the end of the mission it had been figured out that the coins weren't actually missing, they were just being held against the ceiling by the Electromagnet 3000.

After the release of Snow and Sports, the Gift Shop became the only place for penguins to access the Penguin Style catalog. With the release of the Big Wigs catalog in 2007, a shelf with wigs and two salon chairs were added to the room. Even after the Big Wigs catalog was merged with the Penguin Style in 2009, those features still stayed in the room.

Around the time of the Earthquake in June 2008, the PSA Secret Mission Mysterious Tremors became available. During the mission, the Gift Shop collapses into a tunnel made by Herbert's Earthquake Driller. However, the agent soon lifts it up with helium balloons and keeps it stationary with a large net until construction workers can fix the ground underneath it.

In February 2012, the Fashion Show was held in the Gift Shop (being the first ever event to be based in the room, other than the mission Case of the Missing Coins).

Clothes Shop (2012-present)[edit]

Originally seen on Club Penguin's Soundcloud account, the Gift Shop was going to be redesigned, which would include a runway like the one feature in the Fashion Show.[2] On November 1st, 2012, the Gift Shop, along with many other rooms, received a major redesign. Soon after, its name was changed to Clothes Shop to properly designate the merchandise sold in the room. The new design includes a wall featuring some of Club Penguin's rarer items (Party Hat, Christmas Scarf, etc.), the previously mentioned catwalk, as well as many new item displays around the shop. Past features included in the new design include the changing booths and a styling area presumably for wigs.


The main feature in this room are its catalogs, which is what the room has always been known for. Since August 2005, the Penguin Style has been available here, and since September 2007, this has been the only room it's been available in. The Big Wigs catalog was also available here from November 2007 until it was merged with Penguin Style in January 2009. After the new Treasure Book system came out on October 4, 2011, the Treasure Book has also been available from this room (although if you click it you will log off and go to the book on Club Penguin's website).

From 2007 until the room's remodeling in 2012, the salon chairs by the door were a popular place for penguins to role-play.


The Clothes Shop is an uncommon place for pins to be hidden because, like the Town, it is a very popular room. This is because it is the only room where penguins have access to the Penguin Style catalog.

Pin # Pin name Available from Available until
12 Soccer Ball Pin.PNG Soccer Ball August 18, 2006 September 1, 2006
172 TropicalBirdPin.PNG Tropical Bird July 27, 2011 August 11, 2011
297 Imperial Pin.png Imperial Pin January 21, 2015 February 4, 2015


Room design[edit]



Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Loja Pinguim
French Boutique
Spanish Tienda de regalos
German Boutique
Russian Магазин подарков

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Sources and references[edit]

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