Ghosts Just Wanna Dance

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Ghosts Just Wanna Dance
Available Yes
Released October 3, 2012
Views 1,828,261+

Ghosts Just Wanna Dance is a Club Penguin Animated Short featuring a song by Cadence and the Penguin Band. It aired on October 7th, 2012 and released on iTunes on October 9th. This is the third music video in Club Penguin.


[Verse 1: Franky]

Night falls on a spooky scene

Deck the icy halls in black and green

As the shadows rise here on Penguin Isle

From the darkness there's a distant scream

Whoa, that sounds like it's getting closer!

Drums are getting louder

Bass is getting lower

Then the shadows spin

You'll be joinin' in

But first ya gotta find the key

[Bridge: Franky & Cadence]

Who knows what is behind that door?

Creeping up on the floor

[Chorus: Cadence]

We're not here to freak you out

We just came to shake it down

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh

Flip up your hands

The ghosts just wanna dance

Only want to haunt your igloo

Give you chills and party with you

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh

Flip up your hands

The ghosts just wanna dance


  • This song is similar to Anchors Aweigh; only about half of it becomes a music video and the longer version is close to 3 minutes.
  • Herbert was holding a piece of paper with the sun crossed out in the video, which eluded to the Operation: Blackout.
  • This is the first song that has featured both Cadence and the Penguin Band.


  • Stompin' Bob switches from playing bass right-handed and left-handed.

Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Os fantasmas só querem dançar
French Les fantômes veulent danser !
Spanish ¡Los fantasmas solo quieren bailar!
German Geister wollen tanzen
Russian Танец призраков[1]