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A ghost.

The first ghosts mentioned in Club Penguin are the Four Ghosts that appear in the book, A Penguin Christmas Carol. They are all "parodies" of the actual ghosts in A Christmas Carol, a novel written by the Victorian author, Charles Dickens. The first ghost named Jacob Mukluk was a partner of Scrooge. Also, at the Halloween Party 2011, the penguins were able to hunt for Candy Ghosts. At the Halloween Party 2012, penguins were actually able to transform into ghosts, and the great uncle of Gary, Gariwald VIII was discovered as a ghost.


Jacob Mukluk[edit]

Main article: Jacob Mukluk

Jacob Mukluk was Scrooge's business partner. He worked at the Pizza Parlor. This is probably the first time Club Penguin featured death.

Ghost of Christmas Past/Yesterday[edit]

The Ghost of Christmas Past is a ghost who showed Scrooge how he had fun with Bambadee, Suneroo and Smulley during a past Christmas when he was a young penguin. There's no picture of it seen in the book. He is known as the Ghost of Yesterday in the play 'A Humbug Holiday'.

Ghost of Christmas Present/Today[edit]

The Ghost of Christmas Present is a jolly, decorated ghost. He showed Scrooge happy penguins that had fun and donated for Coins for Change. He is known as the Ghost of Today in the play 'A Humbug Holiday'.

Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come/Tomorrow[edit]

The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come is a shadowy character. He looks miserable and his face is partly shaded so the features of his face cannot be seen. He is known as the Ghost of Tomorrow in the play 'A Humbug Holiday'.

Gariwald VIII[edit]

Main article: Gariwald VIII

Gariwald VIII is Gary the Gadget Guy's great uncle, the uncle of either one of his parents. He was missing for a very long time. He could possibly be friends with Sensei. He appeared at the Halloween Party 2012, as you had to search for his ghost in his Haunted Mansion. He looks almost identical to Gary, besides his side-burns, moustache, outfit, and of course the fact that he is a ghost. However, he isn't a real ghost, but the Ghostamatron transformed him into one.


Main article: Skip

Skip is the disguised bellhop at the Puffle Hotel. He started pretending to work there during or before the Halloween Party 2014. He pretended to help the player in their search for Gariwald VIII in order to trick them. He is the first evil ghost to be featured in Club Penguin as previous Club Penguin ghosts have been good.

Other Ghosts[edit]

Candy Ghosts[edit]

Main article: Candy Ghosts

The Candy Ghosts were spotted at the Halloween Party 2011 and the Halloween Party 2012. They were hidden in piles of candy, so they got the name 'Candy Ghosts'. There were 8 of them hidden all over Club Penguin.