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All the operation computers located in Gary's room.

Gary's Room was Gary the Gadget Guy's private room. It was located in the second floor of the Sport Shop, and could only be accessed in the Secret Mission Avalanche Rescue, and in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force. It was destroyed in the Popcorn Explosion and replaced with the Everyday Phoning Facility.


In the DS game, Elite Penguin Force, Gary's Room was given a significant makeover, especially on the high-tech items. There are many interesting items here, such as:

  • A star-chart of the Club Penguin constellations. They are a fish, a jackhammer, and a puffle.
  • A periodic table of elements on the wall.
  • A collection of pins, excluding Soccer Ball Pin, starting from the Shamrock Pin all the way to the Rose Pin.
  • A model of the Rocketsnail Games logo. Clicking on it causes the on-screen text to read "Why would anyone strap a rocket to a snail?".
  • A model of a pig with a screen in its body. This is a reference and the logo to the famous moderator Screenhog.
  • A wireless router in his room.
  • A joystick controller by a computer.

Top 3 screens[edit]

In the DS Game, the top left screen is the "Stars" screen-saver on a computer. The top middle screen has mysterious codings, and the last one has a UFO floating around space.


  • In Mission 4, you need to put the telescope from the Beacon on the tripod near the window to find the route down to the penguins trapped in the avalanche.
  • Many penguins think Gary lives here, but he doesn't live here actually.

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