Gariwald VIII

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Gariwald VIII
Full Name Gariwald VIII
Species Penguin (formerly)
Position Inventor
Appeared Club Penguin Times, Halloween Parties
Color Blue (penguin)[1]
Aqua (ghost)
Clothing Wig
Related To Gary, Garugg the Ugg Ugg, Garianna, Gary 3000
Friends With Gary
Meetable Character? No

Gariwald VIII is Gary's great uncle who disappeared on Halloween. He invented the Ghostamatron 3000. According to Issue #366 of the Club Penguin Times, Gariwald has been studying ghosts for decades.


Gariwald went missing on a Halloween night researching Ghosts.[2][3] During this time, Gariwald turned himself into a ghost using the Ghostamatron 3000. He studied ghosts for decades until being discovered in the Ghost Lab during the Halloween Party 2012 by a group of daring penguins.[4] After this he was interviewed by Gary for the Club Penguin Times.[5] The following week, Gariwald and his mansion vanished from the Forest.

In 2014, Gariwald returned to study the paranormal readings coming from the Puffle Hotel. When the Halloween Party started, he disappeared inside the hotel.

Gariwald made a cameo appearance during the Puffle Party 2015. If coffee is brought to the table in the Wild, it will summon Gariwald.


Gariwald is a notably old Aqua penguin with white hair and a white mustache on his beak. He has large white eyebrows with large and thick glasses under them. He wears a lab coat over a vest.



  • Gariwald has a White Puffle and is the color Aqua. This is odd because neither of those debuted until 2009.
    • This may make Gariwald the first Aqua penguin and also the first penguin to adopt a White Puffle.

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