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Available Yes
Member furniture Yes
Type Room Furniture
Category Room
Cost 200 coins
Furniture ID 370
Not to be confused with the Community Garden.

The Garden is a room furniture item in Club Penguin. It costs 200 coins each to buy in the Furniture Catalog and only members can buy this item.


The Garden is a common item. It was a secret item in the Jul./Aug. 2008 Better Igloos catalog.

Release history[edit]

Catalog Available from Available until
Better Igloos April 2008 September 2008
Better Igloos April 7, 2011 July 13, 2011
Furniture Catalog April 11, 2012 August 8, 2012
Puffle Digging July 11, 2013 March 29, 2017

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Jardim
French Jardin Potager
Spanish Huerta
German Garten
Russian Сад

Arrow Key Changes[edit]

Pressing the up and down keys will produce either carrots, watermelons, corn, tomatoes, pumpkins, or pumpkins again in a different pattern.